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  1. That Error doesn't seem to be happening on the PC version. At least in my instance Does that include the Favor of "god's name here" cards?
  2. So... just recently got the game and didn't know about the whole "don't rename characters because its severely bugged" thing and now my slots are being filled up by an infinitly looping recreated characters that I delete over and over again. Tried to work around that by perma deathing them but it ended up with dead people that i can't delete filling those slots instead. Who do I contact to just reset it all? Side note. Had 2 sets of 40 chests through promo code. and Obsidian copy from humble bundle. 2nd set came through another player who didn't plan on getting the game. Having fun with said game, but the bugs are really killing it for me. Still, I also don't want to lose everything from the chests just to reset its functions or at least have a new set to work with. Side Side Note. PC version needs something larger then a 10 item Stash
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