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  1. You probably had some magic reflect and reflected one of the Fampyr's gaze attack on themselves. So now each new gaze is triggering a new one in an endless loop.
  2. Some Totems reflect magic. Try hitting them with something obvious like a missile spell or necrotic lance and you will see it for yourself. Looks like this is the case here.
  3. I had this bug a couple of times but saving and restarting the game fixed it for me. Restarting didn't work for you?
  4. That's a different bug. The one described here makes the icons flicker even if you hold down tab.
  5. Just enjoy insane murderous Xoti and get her cured from her soul reaping addiction in the next game.
  6. You mean this bug? https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99562-area-transition-icons-flicker-and-are-weirdly-evasive/
  7. In my experience there is a very important dialogue choice when she does the ritual at the temple of Gaun. You HAVE to suggest that she should stop gathering souls (losing rep with her and any other that dislikes irresponsibility), otherwise the quest always ends with her absorbing the souls instead of releasing them. It is very easy to miss since it is not a mandatory dialogue branch.
  8. I noticed that this happens if you give Modwyr to a party member and that character is removed from the party for some reason, like going into the deck of your ship or by manually swapping them out.
  9. I noticed that the bug seems to hit when you load a save after or during a fight. Going back to the main menu before loading usually prevents this bug from happening. As for recovering your money, loading an earlier save is the only "fix" I know.
  10. Add me to this bug, but the game is crashing the AMD video driver. Sometimes it crashes as well, sometimes, if the driver recovers quickly enough from the crash, it continues to play without rendering the background. Mashing the quicksave button saved the game after the scene and before the fight and allowed me to continue. BTW, I went through this scene several times with the patch that was available when the DLC came out and never had any issues.
  11. Apparently it's the ghostheart ranger class that's causing this along with other, related bugs. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99562-area-transition-icons-flicker-and-are-weirdly-evasive/
  12. Twin Eels greatsword had missing strings. I haven't seen more yet but so far I only completed the Sunken Kingdom with that character. I will add a full list once I complete the DLC with that guy.
  13. The only thing unique to the Ghostheart is the animal companion, so I would start by looking at that particular feature. The interesting thing is that in the previous patch I used a ghostheart ranger both as a hireling and as a main in different playthroughs and never had any problems, so this bug is something new to this patch.
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