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  1. Torm51's post in Rotting flesh construct with all defences around 700 was marked as the answer   
    This is an old bug if you are running patch 2.0.  unless it was introduced again in 2.3.  is your game up to date and running patch 2.3?
  2. Torm51's post in Bounty: The Dweller was marked as the answer   
    Pretty sure those enemies are not the Dweller.  Have you picked up the dweller quest yet.
  3. Torm51's post in Bug: Might bonus was marked as the answer   
    His Culture is the living lands its adding 1 Might bonus from that you can tell by his gear.   so Human Might +1 and Living Lands +1.  In the character creator before you get to culture it randomly picks on to start.  then you can change it when you get to that point obviously.
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