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Llengrath's displaced image bug. it make the caster miss



Current build (2.0)


See the attached screenshot: My character (Feanor) has llengrath's displaced image cast on him. He attack a revenant. he score a 48 which should be a graze but llengath's displaced image transforms it into a miss.


the save is here:



the output log is here:



There are so many bugs in this patch it's a bit annoying...


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sry for the late response.

To reproduce the bug i attacked a guard in defiance bay with a fine wand. However the bug is not obiviously shown in the combat log. It will show as normal miss and will only be visibly when you hover with the mouse over an entry (like shown in the image from th thread opener). Since the probability is still working not all misses show this bug. So one must inspect all misses in the log until this bug shows, whick may take a few tries.


Greetings Tomedro

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This bug still exists in the latest (2.02) version of the game and make one of the best defensive wizard spell useless.



It is really not difficult to test: it transform half of the wizard graze into miss but you have to highlight the miss in the combat log to see that you missed because of the llengrath buff.


Could you please fix it?

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