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  1. *not my video btw, but the guy here pretty much got his inspiration from what we talked about in the threads here. Yeah that is my video. But with this character, i dumped con and resolve, what makes the Auranic fight very hard, if not impossible, because of the low WILL. With my current build, i never got stunned / terrified, even without food bonus or any immunities and made the fight a cakewalk. Appreciate the response and video! Is this the build? 10 MIG / 10 Con / 10 Dex / 16 Per / 16 Int / 16 Res Can I assume this works against the other megabosses and DLC challenges in
  2. Thanks for the video, seems like single class monk is a hard counter for HP sponge bosses with dance of death + dichotomous souls + resonant touch. Is there a link that shows how to set up those massive AOE explosions with AOE weapons + turning wheel/stunning surge?
  3. I've also seen cool stuff being done with AOE weapons like Hand Mortars and Whispers of the Endless Paths, would appreciate some directions on how to generate synergies with monk abilities. Thanks
  4. Can anyone share their build for a helwalker single class monk for solo POTD? Maybe not for soloing megabosses, but able to solo all DLC fights. I've seen Nalpazca builds but this video is the first time I've seen someone solo with a helwalker, and it inspired me to try one.
  5. I tried to imagine how the MC can be justified in becoming so powerful so quickly. In this game, I imagined that it was due to being Awakened, since during the total of twelve months that my MC took to go through Acts 1-4 plus WM1 and WM2, it is kinda amazing that he suddenly becomes powerful enough to take down millenium old archmages and favored avatars, to say nothing of the antagonists in the Bog fight. Then I think to myself, what does Awakening do that confers such power? Knowledge gained from previous lives is how I would imagine it, which is why I favor casters. I've completed the game
  6. @Jojobobo I guess I didn't get the positioning right but with the high fortitude and Scroll of Defense, things were manageable. A Chanter run would have been easier- unlimited Animated Weapon summons + Dragon Thrashed would have made this a very safe fight. By the way, I just tried your mind grub+whiteleaf tip against Llengrath, it went just great!
  7. Great tips... I cast Eldritch Aim during the time when I had Gaze of Adragan proc on the boss. Petrify is not strictly necessary, but yes the combination of the petrify damage multiplier plus crit effect really cut down the boss quickly. Especially when using Freezing Rake and Shadowflame, both fast cast spells. I also tried Llengrath's Safeguard, but found it didn't activate often. The sporelings were already well-tanked by the positioning and combination of Displaced Image and Scroll of Defense. Safeguard also took up a Level 5 spell slot which I preferred to use for multiple Call to Slu
  8. This was one of my toughest fights on WM2, and after I died a few times I looked up some posts and videos on successful fights, and also consulted some successful Wizard soloers like Dr <3 and grausch. The tips I got were very helpful, and I finished the fight within 5 minutes (80+ sec in-game). I re-did this fight a few times to make sure the strategy could be replicated. So I thought I'd share my experience with everyone as I hope some of the tips can work for other classes. 1. Respec to achieve 148 fortitude (including resting and prostitute bonuses, item bonuses but excluding fo
  9. I ran a solo chanter previously and it was an easier experience. First got rid of all the tentacles in a corner with Dragon Thrashed. Apparently the Eyeless don't appear until you inflict some damage on the Kraken. After the tentacles were down, started damaging the Kraken a little and as soon as the Eyeless appeared, tanked them with the Level 4 summons Animated Weapons, while burning them down with Dragon Thrashed. I totally forgot to use the Matron's Horn which would summon 3 Crag Ogres. Paralyze scrolls do help as they reduce Reflex, making it easier to have Dragon Thrashed crit on the Eye
  10. @FluxWing I gotta thank Boeroer's posts for showing me how to use items with the Preservation property to achieve functional immunity to stun. For the benefit of those who didn't see the posts, you need a shield with the Preservation property (Level 5 Od Nua and last level of Od Nua each have one) and one other item with the property: helm, ring, boots or armor. This is because properties on items normally don't stack, but properties on weapons or shields always stack. So if you minus the penalty from prone or stun (-30) and add the bonus from two items with Preservation (+50 x 2), then you g
  11. Was strolling along Caryon's Scar for a walk when I came across the Eyeless. With Abydon's Hammer and a couple of paralysis scrolls, they were quite manageable. But the Tentacles were something else... adding up all the damage from the Maelstrom scrolls (please see the attached combat logs), each tentacle had close to 1000 endurance, which would make them more durable than all of the upscaled mobs in WM2 and the entire game! Is this intentional or did I come across some bug?
  12. Thanks for looking into this, I include the Dropbox link below, but am not sure if it is helpful as it is a recurring problem rather than something that happened as a one-off: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b3sg1ts6brxi2sv/output_log.txt?dl=0 Let me know what else you need.
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