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  1. Hi, i observed a bug with the blood storm ability. It seems that the remaining time is calculated again when an enemyis killed. This leads to some cases where Blood Storm actually shortens the duration! I think something like this happens: duration (calculated on actual stats) - elapsed time +3 So lets say infuse vital essence prolongs the duaration of blood storm on my berserker warlock from 25 to 30 sec. Then the following happens: Cast Vital Essence --> Cast Blood Storm for 30 seconds ( vital essence is cancelled) - ->Kill an enemy with 20 seconds left --> Duration is
  2. Hi, the damage of Wall of flame does not benefit from Might or power level., Someone described the issue in this thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99293-warding-seal-not-doing-correct-damage/ Is this issue still on the to-do list?
  3. - wall of draining substracts time from the enemy, but doesnt add time to the caster - the dmg from wall of force doesnt get the boni added ( might, Power Level) - the dmg from wall of flames doesnt get the boni added ( might, Power Level)
  4. I think the first step should be to split PL in Main PL (MPL) that is gathered ONLY by Level( so 1-9 for Single, 1-7 for Multi) and Bonus PL (BPL) gained from skills and so on. These different PLs should scale witch each other by multiplication. Example for a dmg modifier: MPL 1. 5% 2. 10% 3. 15% 4. 20% 5. 25% 6. 30% 7. 35% 8. 50% 9. 70% BPL % = BPL* 5% So a Single Class character at lvl 20 with 2 BPL will deal (1+70%)*(1+10%)-1 =87 % more dmg A Multi Class character at lvl 20 with 4 BPL (so in sum the same PL as above) will only deal (1+35%)*(1+20%)-1 =62 % more dmg.
  5. The best undocumented change (surely a bug): substantial phantom can cast..... substanstial phantom And both summons stay on the field. Ooh and they can summon kalakoths minor blight
  6. With the latest Version of the beta patch this summons are still bugged. They attack with the fists and have no weapons. AFAIK this also true for all clone spells/abilities. Is there any Chance that this buf will be fixed within the june patch?
  7. Original posted on 1.1, now update to 1.2 Hi everyone, my list so far: - both phantom summon are conjured without a weapon, they start brawling without electricity dmg (as stated in the tooltip) Essential Phantom seems to be fixed. Substantial is likely too strong. It can cast itself an both summons sta on the field, They also can cast kalakoths minor blight. Shoul they reall have These spells? - wall of draining substracts time from the enemy, but doesnt add tome to the caster Still bugged - the dmg from wall of force doesnt get the boni added
  8. Has anyone a Solution for me yet? After a break i tested it a bit more and found out, that the Buff is always Active when i load the save and have the item equipped. But strangely the buff disappears when the conditions of Stalkers Link are met.
  9. Hi everyone, the bonus i got from this item deactivates after some time combat. It vanishes from the active buffs list and according to the combat log it isnt apllied also. I also tried tu un- and requp the item, then reload, but this lead to the same problem (first active, then deactivates after some time in combat). Can someone help me to activate the effect? (Let it be by console or tweaking the unity file)
  10. I just figured ot that the raw damage part of wounding shot (Ranger) dont scale with int or even with crits. The Duration is indeed modified but the dmg is always the dmg of the main shot (after dr, without lash) x might.
  11. I didnt know I had to respec. It works just fine now. Thank you very much
  12. @ Loren Tyr Thank you for the link. Unfortunately this doesnt work for me. I searched for the entry after 222 and 9 (DE 00 00 00 09 00 00 00) in the fightertable, edertable and confidentaim itself and edited it. Did I miss something? @ Sking So there will be another Patch in the (near) future? I heard rumors that 3.03 was the last patch forever.
  13. Hi, im just curious, has anybody created a fixed dll or a mod yet?
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