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  1. Started a new game with the 1.2 patch and my wood elf has been paralyzed by the spider in the arena sublevel. Before 1.2 the effect would have been resisted but is is not the case anymore. Strictly speaking the spider applies a petrify effect but it seems to be the sum of a paralyzed effect and a armor debuff. update: after more tests the wood elf passive work properly but petrify is non longer considered a dexterity affliction
  2. After entering the maw, when the player get close to the living vine wall, Sul is attacked by some lions and lion clanmen. Sul is not sitting at the back of her lair but in front of the vine wall which is why the combat probably start (lions in this area are hostile by default) As a result Sul die before the player can do anything the journal state that the character resolved the stalmate but the quest don't updatewhen talking to desthwn
  3. Analyzing a class power based on known bugged spell (detonate,amplified thrust) is not a good idea The power of each spell depends a lot on the difficulty level too. Anything that target fortitude is way less useful on potd
  4. My character has been taking a lot a damage from undead mage casting necrotic lance and after analyzing the combat log it looks like the spell is bugged and hit twice. See the screenshot included: I'm fighting two skeleton mages and some other skeletons (first level of the tower in defiance bay). You can see at the top of the log that each mage cast one necrotic lance but you can see below that each spell is resolved twice. note that there is barely no other action registered in between which could note happen if the mage were really casting the spell twice as it is slow to cast and the other skeleton who are in contact should have attacked in between.
  5. I'd like to know if this bug is known/acknowledged? In my case it does hit/graze/crit just fine but it is unaffected by any bonus damage (mainly the one coming from might or crit) It actually work in practice but is not displayed properly in the combat log if you crit the time will increase (and so the total damage) but not the damage of each individual tick. Is it intended?
  6. It doesn't work with most of the spells. The only spells that seems to be affected are the one like minoletta's missile that work like a physical attack
  7. when borrowed instinct (cipher level 5 spell) crit the duration of the debuff in increased by 50% but the duration of the associated buff to the cipher is not (see attached screenshot) Is it intentional?
  8. This bug is there since the release of the game as far as I can tell. If you drink a potion while you recovery bar is active, your character drink it immediately (at least the graphic are displayed) but it doesn't do anything in practice and no potion is consumed. When you recovery bar is empty your character won't try to drink the potion and will continue to act (generally he will attack) wasting your opportunity to drink the needed potion If you manage to actually drink a potion (by spamming the potion icon) and are interrupted, your character will stop trying to drink a potion and do something else (generally attack) Both are incredibly anoying
  9. There is a bug with fenwalker that i reported some tie ago during the beta. It behavior was modified but it is still bugged. I'm glad you made this thread as i don't know if it is still considered a known bug. As far as i can tell if fenwalker reduce the duration of the paralysis below 0 there is no issue If it reduce the duration but not below 0 then the recovery bar of the character is frozen permanently until the end of the fight. So you can move but can't do anything else If you are stuck instead of paralysis then the stuck effect is permanent until the end of the fight
  10. It doesn't work if you load a new zone at the same time, for example if you are attacked by bandit at Caed Nua. It works without issue if your character is in the area before the start of the combat
  11. Yes i can confirm that the bug still exist even though i can see that something was done about it: If the fenwalker effect (-3s for paralysis) reduce the duration below 0 there is no bug anymore but if the duration is still above 0 then the bug appears (the recovery bar froze permanently and the character can't act anymore)
  12. I'd like to know. I did some test with a cipher build. Based on this thread I expected to be able to extend the duration of his buff by attacking but it didn't work (3.0 beta) That being said when I read the spelltongue description it doesn't look like it is supposed to extend the duration of your own buff but steal the one the target has so I guess is was a bug that got fixed
  13. None of the dargul I killed in heritage Hill give any xp Actually one of them ended up giving me some XP. Still don't understand how it is set up
  14. It does that with stuck too. If fenwalker reduce the duration to 0 the character is stuck permanently until the combat end. So fenwalker is not usable right now
  15. Seen the screenshot that is included. My character is wearing fenwalker which should reduce any paralyze duration by 3s (don't know if it related to the issue but i suspect it is) My character has been paralyzed by a dargul a few second before: -the paralyze a no duration -my character can still move -my character can't do anything else except moving: the paralyze doesn't expire and he can attack or cast anymore. The paralyze expire once i'm out of combat and my character can act normally again if i renter combat
  16. For some reason the XP awarded by a few monsters seems bugged as they award a huge amount of xp on the first kill (as if you completed the bestiary) see the screenshot included: it is the first delemgan i killed (the one in Magran's fork) that appears once you have been to Defiance bay and it gave me more than 300xp I had the same issue with the first hearth blight i killed in Caed Nua but not ith the other blight
  17. Yes it is looking very promising but mind plague have been castrated for some reason: with 18 intel the confusion is only 7.5s long disintegration is also average cast speed not fast
  18. Potion of major recovery states : -4 duration of active hostile effects for 30s. I always assumed it means that the active hostile effect are reduced by 4s and therefore do nothing if they were initially not longer than 4s But in the attached screenshot you can see that it doesn't reduced the time my character is paralyzed (he was being grazed by Lagufaeth for 3.3s) Is it the expected behavior?
  19. Were you planning on describing the details of this formula/schematic, or was this just a quick drive-by-labeling? Read a bit about the game, play it and you should be able to understand the relation between accuracy and the 4 main defenses.
  20. Spells in PoE are ok but the design is not elegant. Everything is forced into the same formula, the same schematic. I.E is fine handcrafting whereas PoE is more industrial mass design. As a result PoE is easier to design, grasp and balance but lack finesse and depth as Archangel979 pointed out
  21. That is not the point of his post: The difference in attack speed between single weapon and dual weapon comes from the difference in recovery. If you stack enough attack speed the recovery is 0 making dual wield strictly worse than single wield or shield.
  22. This spell is actually rather weak: - the damage is low for a 6 level spell - It target fortitude (aka won't land on anything worth damaging on potd) - you need to fire 2-4 shots in between each spell to recover the focus (and need to spend talent so that those shots hit). In the meantime all other casters would have casted 3-4 spells (and thus would have had a way bigger impact on the battle) - it is centered on one of your ally so can't maximize is AOE - It is a cipher spell and ciphers are terrible in difficult battle (i.e. terrible when they are needed). It is OK to clear trash, except for the fact that you don't need any spell to clear trash...
  23. Hi Aarik Is the accuracy bonus from the walls and seal spell considered a bug? I always thought it was intended since all the spells with the bonus are described as Hazard AoE instead of just AoE. Regards
  24. Same bug mechanic that Llengrath displaced image (Instead of converting a hit that the wizard receive into a graze, it convert a graze that the wizard deliver into a miss). They are most likely coded in the same way ( code is reused). I won't be surprised if all those similar abilities are bugged
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