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Precision bug in 2.01?



I noticed, that the precision value won't change, when I equip a fine weapon instead of a normal one.




My leveI 2 Cipher has a normal hunting bow with a precision of 30.

Now I found a "fine hunting bow", equipped it, but the precision stays at 30

Same on my Barbarian, when I equipped a fine weapon instead of the simple one.


Did I miss something like new balance stuff or is this a bug?

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Thanks for the links. Here is a savegame:




My "research" so far:


1) Precision enhancement because of a better weapon quality applies after or during the first fight


2) Talents like "Hope Eternal" apply the boni after the first enemy was hit by the equipped melee weapon


I hope, we see a hotfix soon.

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Hello AnjyBelle,


I have checked your file and I have confirmed the bug with the weapon enchants. I have written up the bug and entered it into the database. In regards of Hope Eternal, it is a passive that only affects the caster, but you are correct that the bonus is applied after the first hit.  I have also entered that bug into the database.


Thank you for your support and keep up the good work!

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Wee! It went live.


Oh, well. Fixed for 2.0.2, undoubtedly. Releasing the 2.0.1 patch with this bug outstanding when players have been clamouring for a patch for a week has got to be one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't situations. :banghead:

When I said death before dishonour, I meant it alphabetically.

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