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  1. Suen's post in Importing a savegame was marked as the answer   
    As Maf suggested, in order to import your character you need a save called gamecomplete.savegame. 
    Even if you don't have that one, you can load the savegame you have in PoE 1, click the machine, and that will create the gamecomplete.savegame you need. 
    I'm attaching your character gamecomplete.savegame, Berath's Ending. 
  2. Suen's post in Game-breaking bug, final boss battle not triggering, can't beat game was marked as the answer   
    I loaded your save and the combat scene triggers as usual. I killed Thaos and got the ending slides. Our game versions are not exactly the same (I have the WM2), but the good news is that your savegame is probably fine?
    You should check the game installation through Steam/GOG Galaxy to make sure Pillars is up to date and no file is missing.
    You can also try lowering the game resolution and graphic settings (the work-around for a similar bug)
  3. Suen's post in Patch Order: From 2.03 to 3.03? was marked as the answer   
    The Paradox store will give you a Steam key.
    You must scroll the page all the way down to see it:
    "Important: a Steam code will be be delivered to your email upon purchase (or at release if pre-ordered)."
  4. Suen's post in Cannot Change Party - Logs Attached was marked as the answer   
    Your problem seems to be with both Kana and Hiravias.
    Launch the game (if the game was already running, close and restart it).
    In Options>Difficulty disable "auto level companions".
    Load your autosave at the begin of the Stormwall Gorge (the save before recruiting Hiravias).
    Walk back to the tavern in Gilded Vale. Retrain Kana.
    Save the game, quit, load your last save.
    Recruit Hiravias.
    You could fix in a similar way (restart/disable auto level up/retrain/save/quit/load) the saves after recruiting Hiravias, but it's safer this way.
  5. Suen's post in Cant open secret doors, will not highlight them. was marked as the answer   
    you're welcome
    For level 13 you need to visit the big city - Defiance Bay.
    After the main quest "Undying Heritage" you'll be able to open that door.
  6. Suen's post in Accessories stat bonus don't apply correctly to some characters, and don't have the proper look in game. was marked as the answer   
    The items equipped share the same kind of bonus?
    Because the bonuses don't stack. Only the highest is applied, the others are suppressed.
    You can see all the suppressed bonuses scrolling down in your character sheet.
  7. Suen's post in Camp fire provisions, cannot buy it in the tavern Black Mastiff was marked as the answer   
    How many camping supplies are you carrying around?
    "The amount of Camping Supplies you can carry is dependent on the difficulty setting of the game. Higher
    levels of difficulty will have more restrictions on supplies."
    hard = 2 max
    normal = 4 max
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