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  1. I answered all but one of the questions in favour of abortion, and the one i did not...was just to regulate technology. But then the guy says the result is to kill the innocent scientist. well to make it worse the attack option did not even save the innocent, personal quest ruined...
  2. hm yeah but for example the early summoned weapons do not scale properly like spells are apparently supposed to. Normal weapons get replaced by uniques with a lot of added bonuses, its not just the enchantment bonus. Older summoned weapons just get replaced by either uniques or better summoned weapons with perks like the lance.
  3. nope, once my ascendant is at max power the fight is over. i imagine a beguiler could similarly end fights with constant CC (but let others do the damage)
  4. The summoned weapons have a scaling, but its a damage modifier like any other, not to the base weapon damage. This means its much worse due to how damage modifiers work now.
  5. well thats just annoying, to just have to leave things because on char creation you did not go all in on resolve. there are even cipher options but they do not do anything...its just resolve high or bust.
  6. I am not satisfied with the writing in this game. for example when you follow the dead valians into the enigwathian machine you discover that they got killed by trinkets with confusion wards cast on them. Under this confusion the leader also wrote a logbook where he thinks about sucking peoples souls into adra. Obviously insane. And shortly after they kill each other. When i get back to the village i do not have the option to confront them about the confusion curse, i can only tell them that they were totally right and valians are evil. Just one example of a sidequest that i found unsatisfactory, there are many more instances where you are forced into something you dont believe in as a player, sometimes just simple dispositions, sometimes big actions.
  7. i had no choice given except murdering someone. I tried to turn them into a guard or even the queen, but it seems the only resolution the designers gave me was to murder a head of a family....
  8. evasive fire is kinda OP and out of place. you can instantly traverse like 2 screens without cooldown while firing bullets without any reloading. It does not fit in. Maia is pretty good in my party, i bet a bow ranger would be even better.
  9. yeah, it was natural to do this quest out of order and now it is broken. Many people will follow the condemned guy in a cage and try to save him, end up in the old city, then discover the door to the smuggler den. It will put a lot of quests out of order and some break.
  10. no, the positive effects are all added, but the negative effects are a multiplier. It is not straight forward, it works just like the pinned thread explains penalty to attack speed. any negative damage multiplier is devastating, this is why armor is so strong now.
  11. well i modded it out completly for now, dont think guns need it with the new armor system.
  12. an arquebus gives 25% damage bonus on criticals and -25% blunted criticals damage penalty. All in all that results in criticals doing less damage than normal attacks due to the weird damage formula, is that intended? Seems a bit stupid to me.
  13. There is no way for me to stop him escaping, it is really annoying me right now. i can kill him and she tells me i should have captured him, i can talk to her and she instantly tells me he escaped, i can talk to him and he will act as if i did not turn him in yet. I replayed the whole quest and tried different things with the pirate encounter in the street, too. i am really annoyed right now, so i better stop writing.
  14. cant have non scaling non linear without the ability to trivialize content. its not possible, thats why modern games often now scale stuff, so you can do all the sidequests and then still return to mainquest and not be bored. and yes WM screws the mainquest, i am now lvl 10 with the new enchantments and my mainquest is at the beginning of defieance bay lol
  15. the debuff stasis doesnt work for my paladin nor my priest, the frenty doesnt work anymore, backstab doesnt work with abilities, cipher spell that echoes the damage didnt work last time i used it, monk iron wheel overwrites the offensive one without saying anything in the tooltip. i think there are some spells i forgot about, cant remember all the screwups by myself
  16. disabling AI will NOT allow to frenzy, if you think that then maybe you are fixing the wrong thing. actually enabling the AI is one of the few ways to frenzy if the AI does it automatically.
  17. exactly. And you can still have defensive characters but as I explained play offensively with your accuracy. There's still this mindset that you can't tank effectively without maxing deflection. Players need to adjust and re-assess what makes a good tank in version 2.0. all you need for deflection is resolve now, there is no reason not to have high might, especially on a paladin with their heals. barbarian would like to go min might, but then again it will have ae knockdowns or stuns then.
  18. i havent seen any supress affliction do anything ever. i have it on 3 chars (pala, priest, spellbind) and it never does anything.
  19. the spell is still fine, cast it under casters and with interrupting blows, they will probably never cast anything.
  20. yeah it has been reported in the beta forum, but this patch was really rushed, its basically the beta patch as it was.
  21. its just silly gamdesign, rewarding for failure. i had to kill my barbarian with my rogue 5 times when only 1 enemy is left alive and then ressurect with my paladin, because otherwise she would not die. Talk about immersive gameplay.
  22. how does the estoc work on someone who has dual wield talents? Does it get nothing, does it get the speed buff or does it get the 2h talent?
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