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  1. sorry i cant, i reverted back to the nonbeta and lost my saves. i think its a common problem, maybe someone else can help out
  2. i think abilities cant backstab, i only ever backstabbed in 2.0 with my normal attacks. But its better to not use it anyways and better get consistently useful talents.
  3. i havent seen it working with the double hit passive at all, can you make a screen or video? And swift aim is very good with bows and stacking attack speed, just need to get a lot of it. 20% swift aim, certain items and other spoiler stuff, attack speed gets better the more you have of it.
  4. I cant use my frenzy, meaning ui can issue the command, but it will clear the first millisecond in combat, I CAN use it after i hit an enemy. I have also seen my barbarian hit herself when i spam the frenzy hotkey, no idea what that was about.
  5. yeah, same here, but i only checked char screen and not the combat rolls.
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