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Hi there,

Hit level 8 with Kana and I get no class specific talents to choose, i'm using him as an off tank, with a two handed great sword and a rifle for ranged when needed.

Just wondering what others have taken for him? I'm thinking potentially cautious attack to boost his deflection? I know its not ideal off tanking with a two hander but I wanted characters with different weapon styles on my first playthrough.


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Hey same as you... he's my off-tank / melee dps when second tank not needed. I game him hold-the-line for an extra engagement, plus I have him a one handed weapon with +1 engagement... +3 engagement is fine for an off-tank... eder picks up 5, kana picks up 3, rest are CC'd / Nuked.


So far I've given him:


Beloved Spirits, Hold The Line, Cautious Attack and Weapon and Shield Style. Seems to off tank reasonably well.



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I like picking a weapon focus for nearly every character if possible, so that they can get an easy +6 accuracy with a set of weapons.  Of course, if you intend to stay within that set of weapons, it can feel constraining at times, but the +6 acc bonus usually seems worth it.


I also picked up weapon and shield for fair number of my characters, because I guess I like that style over 2H weapons or dual wielding for most characters most of the time.  But as they say, different strokes for different folks.

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I used him as a ranged support, so the obvious talent choices were Gunner, Marksman and the appropriate Weapon Focus. As well as later on some luxury talents like Envenomed Strike or Savage Attacks.


In my current PotD run I'm having him as off-tank as well. So far he got Weapon+Shield Specialization and Cautious Attack. Later on he will get the +Deflection/Saving Throw talents. Basically everything that increases his survivability. Couldn't care less about his damage

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Weapon Focus can be excellent because they directly improve your damage by virtue of turning misses into glances, glances into hits, and hits into crits.
The only time they are a trap is when you are already steamrolling everything, which only tends to happen on Easy/Normal.
It is true that there are often more demanding options, though.

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The weapon focus talents feel like traps to me.

Why? O_O It's +6 Accuracy to a bunch of weapons. There may be better choices depending on what you want to do, but if you intend to use your weapons a lot, it's a great boost.



Agreed.  The only way that I can view a weapon focus as a "trap" is in the sense that one might feel trapped into using the weapons within that WF set when your vision of the NPC includes weapons that are from multiple WF sets.  But frankly, I think that the +6 Acc boost is worth putting up with a little bit of discomfort with the sometimes odd weapons mixes in the WF sets.


In my first party, I had 4 of the 6 (maybe even 5 of 6) characters have a WF set, and left at least one character without a set just so that that NPC could pick up the leftovers of good weapons without being constrained by the WF.  There are more than enough really good weapons that if you have at least 4 out of 6 characters with a WF and no duplicate ones (maybe one duplicate), it shouldn't be difficult at all to get a top notch weapon from each WF set used into the hands of each of those characters.

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