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"Stacking" debuffs is broken



I figure someone else must have noticed this, but applying several overlapping debuffs breaks, quite often.


Apply a prone debuff to an enemy. Before that debuff expires, apply a petrify debuff to the same enemy.

Result: After prone wears off, the enemy will stand up and start attacking you, despite showing the petrify debuff as still active.


This also happens if you apply a prone debuff twice. Instead of the newer prone overriding the duration of the older prone, the enemy will simply stand up and start attacking again (despite being under the effect of the second prone).

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I've specifically tried to replicate this, doing a prone while a prone is still active. Works fine, prone1 duration wears off, but target is still proned till second duration goes off.

Somewhat similar with prone + stun, while the target wasn't shown prone anymore (just graphical glitch) the target didn't do stuff till it was supposed to do.


What do you use to petrify a target?




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This also happens with the paralyze status.


A cipher paralyzes a target, a wizard or druid or flighter makes that target go prone, when the prone wears off the target is no longer paralyzed, but it shows that the paralyze status is still in effect.


I hope Obsidian is aware of this bug and will fix it in the next patch.

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Will try to get a saved game + repro steps for this one.

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