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  1. I received my physical copy about a week ago. Had to contact support to resolve it. Rather than telling me that my zipcode was messed up in the database, I had to figure it out myself since the shipper couldn't "validate" my address. Once I fixed it, my copy was on the way. Funny thing, I know I checked my address at least twice previously. It got messed up somehow afterwards. I suggest checking your address even if you have before.
  2. So what is plan for shipping the hard standard copy and manual? It's been over 2 months. This is the last time I ever back a physical reward.
  3. I use my ciphers for crowd control mainly, so Aloth for aoe damage I've found much more useful. The faster things get killed, the better, thus elemental skils for fire and cold were my picks after blast and penetrating blast.
  4. It was the second rest in the stronghold after the start of act 3 for me. The first rest gave me the GM vision.
  5. The only dev post I could find that confirms bugs with thee lemental telents is this https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77493-elemental-talents-bug/ However, note he doesn't say wizard spells ignore the elemental talents. Would like to see some data to confirm or deny that these talents are bugged for wizard or druid spells.
  6. Please, regale us with your experiences on how useful these abilities are in your experience. Hmm, damage went up significantly when Aloth took Scion of Flame. Have any evidence to the contrary? Criting for around 150 cold damage on Frost Blast with the frost damage ability was pretty impressive, but I got the spell at about the same time as I got the ability, so I have no before/after comparisons.
  7. Keeping mobs paralyzed while casters rain down destruction is quite a bit of fun.
  8. Also the talking statue in the stronghold will give you the quest after you reach hearthold.
  9. I too was disappointed not being able to tell him he had been sabotaged.
  10. Considering you can rest almost anywhere to regain spells, I wouldn't put this bug high on the list.
  11. This also happens with the paralyze status. A cipher paralyzes a target, a wizard or druid or flighter makes that target go prone, when the prone wears off the target is no longer paralyzed, but it shows that the paralyze status is still in effect. I hope Obsidian is aware of this bug and will fix it in the next patch.
  12. Hmm, so since income is tied to turns but expenses are tied to real-time, essentially you will want to minimize how much you rest/travel if you want to optimize use of the stronghold? I read that the stronghold is a bit of a money-sink no matter how you handle it though. It is a bit of a weird mechanic for sure. -Stigma Yes, very odd. Both should have been based on in-game time-elapsed. However you could abuse that, I suppose, by leaving your game on and raking in gold, but un addressed random attacks would ruin the stronghold, I'd think? Not clear to me why it was designed this way.
  13. What does it take to get teh seocnd dream? I got the first, have exhausted all his dialog for a while now, and still no second dream when sleeping in the wild or in the stronghold. Do I need to reach the next act?
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