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  1. Hassat Hunter's post in Stuck on Ship in Act 3 after scripted Event was marked as the answer   
    There should be the "Up" button on the top to leave the shipview, just like visiting your own ship.
    You say it's not there?
  2. Hassat Hunter's post in Bug? Wraiths teleport Pallegina and themselves far away from fight was marked as the answer   
    It's one of their abilities.
    EDIT: Called "Abduction"
  3. Hassat Hunter's post in Sverf > Drug Crash (after saving+loading) lacks icon was marked as the answer   
    It's not a crash... the effect is called "Drug crash" (see screenshot).
    EDIT: Seems it contained the wrong link, fixed now.
  4. Hassat Hunter's post in Kana stops chanting was marked as the answer   
    Would this resolve it?
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