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There's a ring that gives this as well, pretty sure I found it in Eothas's temple in the Gilded Vale (either that or Raedric's Castle). I'm curious if there is stacking or suppression with this though? It doesn't appear to be suppressed based on the character sheet, but it definitely sounds like a buff that would be suppressed.

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Actually minor loot items (like ring of Overseeing, which, like any other Overseeing items provides 10% or 1.10, not 1.15, bonus to AOE) can be found in predefined locations. This loot is pretty random, though. So you cant expect to find it or find something else in its place. Only unique items always appear in the same location. 


The main question is... do they stack?

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Everybody who uses Area of Effect (AoE) abilities of any kind. This includes nearly every class. Even Barb's Carnage is affected. Rogues may get the least out of it unless they are using equipment with lots of spellbindings (like a sabre with Fireball on it or something). 

Note that a Ring of Overseeing doesn't stack with Aloth's Armor (also Overseeing). One will get suppressed. You can only make use of one Overseeing item. But it stacks with the effects of Intellect (which also influences AoE size). It also staks with Voice of th Mountaintop (chanter item) which raises your chant AoE. So high INT + Overseeing + Voice of the Mountaintop = big, big chant area. There are also boots for Paladins which raise their aura AoE. They also stack with Overseeing and INT. 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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