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  1. You can run the game at maximum resolution but not in fullscreen. It will be a borderless window and when you alt-tab game continues to run. A workaround for sure, but it works.
  2. Try installing IEMod? Killed Raedric like 4 or 5 times already on all possible game and it was all fine every time.
  3. During Lord of a Barren land you ar esupposed to move away from the throne after killing Raedric and when you will go down the stairs Kolsc will appear. BUT i noticed that sometimes interactions dont start if you are in stealth. Try to move around without stealth.
  4. Concerning prebuffing - i hope someone will just make all wizard defense spells modals, that will decrease his speed (like -5 or -10 or -15 % for each). Or will drain his might (like -1 might for each). Or we should be able to sacrifice 2 casts of 1st level spells to get permanent shield, for example. Anything will do. For all other classes prebuffing is not so important - you cast spells according to monster types with priest anyway and it doesnt take much time. Engagement - you can disable it altogether by using IE Mod. Overall my biggest concerns are: 1. Effects. I cant see an
  5. On my new playthrough i decided to get as many levels as possible for my main char so "save" possible experience, coz all xp is divided between ypur party members. But atm it looks like there is some kind of multiplier for experience you get from quests. So few questions: Do quest rewards scale according to group size? Do quest rewards scale according to difficulty level? I do know that gains for opening locks and disarming traps do not scale at all.
  6. Actually minor loot items (like ring of Overseeing, which, like any other Overseeing items provides 10% or 1.10, not 1.15, bonus to AOE) can be found in predefined locations. This loot is pretty random, though. So you cant expect to find it or find something else in its place. Only unique items always appear in the same location. The main question is... do they stack?
  7. I tried a PoE PotD walkthrough and some classes just dont work good enough: 1. Melee Barbarian. Takes a HELL of a beating. With Frenzy you cant control it good enough, so they end up pretty squishy. 2. Wizards. Blasts cant do anything, really. They hit for like 10-15 damage tops and mobs have so much hp its insane. Also limited casts per rest kill the class. Not to mention shades and shadows, who target mages 1st. You wll have to waste all your spells on defense and in the end ont do any real damage. Also almost all wizards AoE spells hit everyone, so you waste time to repositioning. 3. Mel
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