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Still holding at 93, some of the users reviews are so dumb. Anyone that thinks the game deserves a zero didn't play it longer than 5min, and if they did they are seriously butt-hurt individuals to not see the love and care that went into this game. 


Well now that my work is over, time to load it back up!!

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I don't mind the game getting an 8 score, but I mind the reasoning. Too much long-winded dialogue text? And he says ps:t is the best game ever? I know taste differs, but it seem an odd critique. Especially when he concludes the review with" Pillars of Eternity effortlessly ensnares you,".

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I think his complaint wasn't that there was too much writing, but that it was unecessarily verbose for what it was trying to get across. I disagree but there you have it.


I really hope the game doesn't fall below 90% for aggregate scores. There is definitely a perception difference between 89% and 90% that will affect future sales.

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