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  1. Right now I'm doing a PotD with ironman and expert mode run. I've been playing like for a day, and it's pretty doable, way more than I expected, but also I don't consider it that fun :-/ Now hard mode it's way easier and fun. Maybe I knew way too much about the game before it came out, idk.
  2. Ups, never noticed this thread before, this is a review from one of my favorite Youtube vgame reviewers:
  3. Nice review! Perhaps the most shocking thing about these reviews is that they all.... All of them... are saying that this game is polished-- That it's relatively bug free. That's earth shaking when you think about it. When was the last time anyone said that about an Obsidian game....ever? Oh that's all thanks to the backer's support I guess :3
  4. Those thoughts exactly went through my mind before I decided to pick a cipher.
  5. Nice! Thanks for the tip, I wanted to know about that. I'm really interested now on playing a firearms wielding cipher.
  6. Yup, he has a gaming related Youtube channel too. I don't know if I can post links in here, let's see: https://www.youtube.com/user/ArvanEleron/videos
  7. "Great minds think alike" Hah! Exactly Also I loved your character from the moment you compared him with a Zen monk, they can be pretty whimsical!
  8. Nice she could have an interesting relationship with Pallegina.
  9. Oh nice thread! Hmm I think I'll try a first character like this: Name: Undecided Race: Wood Elf Class: Cipher Culture: The White that Wends Background: Mystic I'll educate myself a bit more on the lore of the game to see if I can actually make sense of a Wood Elf coming from the White that Wends or else I'll probably try a different back story and choose to be a scientist from The Living Lands. Unless! someone convinced me that the Pale Elf passive doesn't suck at all. And she is coming to Dyrwood for her own interest and curiosity on the animancy research there, what the folk there think about ciphers and learn about the Glanfathans "brîshalgwin" stuff like that. I think this game it's going to be very special to me so I'm planning to do something weird here, I'll try to make my PC a bit like me and make her personality mainly deceptive and clever, besides that I would like to make some type of character arc with her, she could start innocent and benevolent but later become crueler or maybe the other way around, I'll see if the story fits with something like that. For role play reasons I would like to focus my attribute points mainly on INT, RES and PER. Maybe even totally neglect CON to use more points in the other attributes. I just hope I'm not making combat hell for me ehmm besides I kinda want to play on Hard and with Expert Mode on . I'm not so sure which talents to pick for her, I could grab Quick Switch, Arms Bearer, Savage Attack and equip her with a bunch of fire arms like the blunderbuss? yeah I don't know, I'll listen to any suggestion Also she will probably wear Clothes and Robes... or maybe something else that I find way to cool looking to ignore cough* (first post yay!)
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