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  1. While I don't believe this ever deserved the attention it received, I'm glad it's resolved and Obsidian did an outstanding job handling it.
  2. I'm only a few hours into PoE but I'm loving just about everything about the game so far. However, one small thing that I've noticed is that characters all move at the same speed and this results in running animations that are completely sychnronized in perfect step. It's not a huge issue, but I find it a bit jarring and it slightly breaks immersion.
  3. "Dated art style" FFS. Didn't I say the mainstream press would knock it for its intricately crafted isometric art style? I expect we'll see this idiocy reappear in other reviews from big review sites. Philistines.
  4. Polygon, Gamespot, IGN, Giant Bomb and a number of high-profile gaming review sites have yet to release their scores so there's still hope it will cruise past Bloodborne.
  5. Someone earlier scoffed at my prediction it would sell over 2 million copies. But considering D:OS sold 500k and PoE earned 4x through KS and is earning better reviews, I'm going to stand by that prediction.
  6. Is there anyway to flag these fake negative user reviews? They're bringing down the user score! http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/pillars-of-eternity/user-reviews?dist=negative They are obviously not legit--tthey're clearly not professional reviewers and the game hasn't been unlocked yet.
  7. Steam no question. I have nothing against GOG, but Steam offers a vastly superior library of indie games, auto-patching, mod workshop, Big Picture mode, community features, and Steamworks protection.
  8. Ugh. GTA V is #1? Let's hope the stellar reviews for PoE bump it down a notch!
  9. Unfortunately, Metacritic's score aggregation methodology is biased, and there appears to be a double standard for indie games vs. mainstream. I'm predicting average score of 84. I expect it will be mostly well reviewed, but we'll see a few lowball scores from the mainstream press complaining about "too many words" and it being a nostalgia clone like this idiotic preview claims.
  10. I'm not a backer but I am definitely buying it on Steam soon. I really want this game to sell more than 2 million copies. But I worry that even if it delivers, it will suffer from middling Metacritic scores based purely on the fact that it's catering to a niche audience that happens to like old school RPGs and the graphics are not bleeding-edge. Wasteland 2 averaged only 82 despite being very good even taking into account its bugs. Divinity Original Sin, which was flawless IMO, only averaged 87. Even taking into account its suspicious score aggregation methodology, Metacritic has a general
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