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  1. It's inefficiencies and bottlenecks in code that cause performance issues - the fact that Pillars doesn't use anywhere near 100% CPU or GPU but still manages to run extremely poorly in certain situations in game. I have a lot of highly demanding games on my PC (and the one before it) and NONE of them run anywhere near as badly as Pillars does.
  2. Because to this day, Pillars still runs like a garbage heap on the most powerful of computers and the recent footage of Pillars 2 looks like a stuttery mess as well. Obsidian either have subpar programmers or are terrible at utilising Unity.
  3. I wouldn't say it's an issue per se. Obsidian have decided upon realism as the end goal for art direction, and while I don't think it's the most inspiring of decisions, the end result is adequate. There is no doubt that there was simply superior design and execution of art/backgrounds in many older infinity engine games however.
  4. The portraits will enhance every single NPC interaction in the game. They also are done by artists which means it will have nothing to do with quest designers and won't impact number of quests. Besides, if I had a choice between enhancing every single NPC interaction in the game vs one or two extra quests I know which I would take.
  5. It's a pretty widespread problem I think, and certainly having two computers above recommended spec run it particularly poorly supports that. Tyranny which uses the same engine seems to have performance problems on many setups as well, as a quick search online shows.
  6. That statement doesn't instill confidence at all. It's just another way of saying "expect the same terrible performance".
  7. That's strange. Can you initiate combat with bystander NPCs in Copperlane, throw a few persistent spell effects and see what happens to your frame rate? It would be even more embarrassing and bizzare if weaker PCs run this game better than more powerful hardware!
  8. I see no mention of performance, only a new streaming system. I'm not talking about loading times but frame rate.
  9. Running the first Pillars across two PCs that were well beyond the recommended specs, I got such poor performance in some areas like Copperlane and in combat that the game became an absolute chore to play. It's incredible that frame rate can drop into the 20s on an i7 6700/GTX 980Ti rig, and because of this I still haven't been able to drag myself through the first game (that I backed for over $250). I understand these performance issues are widespread (if not affecting everyone), and are due to limitations in Unity and/or the way the game is designed. The fact that Obsidian are building o
  10. So I've been putting this game off since it came out because of terrible frame rate in various areas and during every combat encounter. When I pledged for this game it never crossed my mind that a 2.5D game would ever perform so poorly. After checking back every single patch to see if things have improved and seeing nothing, I'm at wits end. During the year or so the game has been out, I have upgraded my PC from a i5 2500k/HD 6950 to an i7 6700/GTX 980 Ti, and to my utter dismay, I saw almost negligible performance improvement. I was briefly relieved that Copperlane began running at 60fps
  11. SSD does speed up the load times noticeably, but forget trying to build a PC around Pillars - you won't get smooth performance on even the highest end hardware. I'm running an i7 6700 and GTX 980 Ti and the game still drops frames like crazy. It's just an incredibly unoptimized game.
  12. Same here. It's the game, not your hardware. I get a consistent 60fps without drops on Ultra settings on Witcher 3 with my rig and yet Pillars runs at 45fps in many places. It's the ONLY game on my machine that drops frames ever, and considering it's not at all demanding (the CPU and GPU are hardly being utilised), it's quite an embarrassment. i7 6700 8GB RAM GTX 980 Ti Strix Windows 10
  13. The game is one of the worst optimised I've ever played. I'm getting 60 most of the time but whenever fancy spells go off or im in a larger area the framerate tanks into the 30s. Intel i5 2500k 3.6 Ghz 8 Gb RAM AMD Radeon HD 6950 2 Gb Highly doubtful you'll get anywhere near a decent experience with those specs. On my main desktop it's above 50 all the time. i5 4460 16gigs RAM nvidia 960 And that's quite a beefy PC for running a 2D style game wouldn't you agree? The fact that you don't even get a constant 60fps on that machine pretty much drives home the point.
  14. The game is one of the worst optimised I've ever played. I'm getting 60 most of the time but whenever fancy spells go off or im in a larger area the framerate tanks into the 30s. Intel i5 2500k 3.6 Ghz 8 Gb RAM AMD Radeon HD 6950 2 Gb Highly doubtful you'll get anywhere near a decent experience with those specs.
  15. Once more for those not paying attention... The issue being raised is that game difficulty in the first 1/2 or 2/3 is fine and then it falls off a cliff and the rest of the game becomes trivial.
  16. I've noticed this is still happening in 1.06, making combat in doorways almost impossible to decipher. It looks like too many other 3D elements are also occluding selections circles when they really shouldn't, like blood splats. Please fix this Obsidian!
  17. I agree. The game is way overdue for a performance patch.
  18. Same here. Copperlane was awful for the same reasons I'm guessing. Hoping the next patch comes with some optimisation.
  19. The dungeon under Dyrford crossing runs like absolute ****e on my PC, which should be more than capable of running a primarily 2D game flawlessly. I would guess that your PC cannot handle the unoptimised nature of the dungeon. Do you have any issues in Copperlane? That also runs abysmally for me.
  20. Same for me. I'm on 1.05.0567 version and still have loading times btw 40 and 60sec and saving times btw 10 and 15sec. I use only 2 save files (quick and auto), have 35 hours of play time. It became barely playable. Well what are you waiting for? Post your save files so the devs can fix this!
  21. So by your logic we should play with a full party until halfway through the game and then suddenly run around solo for the rest... sounds like a great idea! Totally not up to the game designers to make a challenging and fun game, no - we must handicap ourselves to varying degrees to create the right level of challenge.
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