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Good day all,


new kid on the block, huge fan of CRPGs even though havent played that in retrospect. Really looking forward to this game


My question, has probably been answered before, but I was wondering how much depth would in game party companions would have ie. personnality, romance, random opinions, hate talk, etc.


This part was one of my favourites from BG2, I'd love how Minsc, Edwin or Viconia would just randomly spew hilarious stuff (especially Minsc).



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It is hard to say, since there isn't any "real" companions in the beta, people have been playing. It does seem that companion dialogue, story, banter and quests are all very highly prioritized, and personally, getting to know the companions, is one of the things I'm looking most forward to in the game. I think the companions sound very interesting and I believe they will be very deep and well-written.

A list of the known companions, with very short descriptions, as most is still unknown about them.

Romances are not in the game, which is a heavily debatted subject, so look for other threads if you want to know people's opinions about that.

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The developers over at Obsidian have been tight lipped about companions (We have names, classes about it). This is due to decisions not to spoil the games core narrative that some of the companions play a part of. Companion interactions will likely be most similar to Baldur's Gate 1, no romances but plenty of character development. The companions were covered in update #73. >http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/65206-update-73-narrative-design-a-day-in-the-life-companion-goals-and-the-undead/?hl=companions


Cheers friend.

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I would hope that companion interactions would NOT be most similar to BG1.


My expectation is PS:T level of depth.

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@W.MacKinnon: I sure as hell hope it's not like Baldur's Gate 1. That game had zero companion progression outside of minor side quest here and there for a small bit of em. You couldn't have conversations with companions outside of the one for joining (or leaving in some cases). Now, PST, BG2 - those had some character progression. So... yeah like those 2 games.

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If you skip ahead to about 35:30 in this stream Josh Sawyer hosted you'll see the recruitment dialogue for one of the companions. There's a little more interaction later in the stream too.

i really liked the part when Eder asked if he can pet Sagani's fox and later Sagani was asking him how that bite wound the fox gave him was doing

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What? You thought it was a quote from some well known wise guy from the past?


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