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  1. I have no voice-over for dialogues or in combat/movement or when selecting sound set. Voice volume is set to 100% in settings and all over sounds seem to be working correctly.
  2. It is clear that Kevin has actually taken the time to finish the game completely and as a result have been more plagued by the bugs, in contrast to some of the early 10/10 reviews. The minuses he points out are both completely fair. That seems to be a very fair review and 8/10 is a great score whichever way you look at it. I do not understand why the OP is complaining.
  3. I have tried to get a addict or a prostitute for him. And killed a guard to see if I could take the meat, but nothing have worked. I really want to solve this.
  4. Does anyone know how to get a victim or some sustenance to Aldheim in Heritage Hill, so he can help you use the machine for your own benifit?
  5. I think there is a huge difference between a 'launch party' and 'developers going to a club drinking, because they are releasing the game'.
  6. It is a unhealthy trait to be so entitled, it is something that will just generally make you unhappy. They are getting a review copy, that is not meant for the public (that includes the 77.000 backers). That is an unfinished copy, we will get to play the finished game once it is released. It is done to promote the game and to increase sales. Obsidian and Paradox are fully in their own right to decide how to promote the game.
  7. The main thing to remember is that they designed it so that the unlocked dialogue options, are not nescessarily a win-button, just something that your character has the personality to say/do. Also I believe all stats will be used in dialogue at some point, though not evenly so. It even says in the character creation which stats are for what unlocking which dialogue types. So make the character you feel most like rp'ing.
  8. Nobody knows exactly how much, but there will definitely be some feedback and special dialogue options depending on class. edit. Also I think if you are in doubt about class, take the one you will enjoy rp'ing (the paladin). Good luck and have fun
  9. Nice namegenerator! It would be fantastic if it had a culture setting as well. It could be possible that the devs actually patch something similar in at some point, as that should be quite simple. so Aedyr, Ixamitl Plains and Old Vailia naming conventions should be covered by the link I provided. For Deadfire Archipelegola, Rauatai, The Living lands and The White that Wends, we need to get creative. Deadfire Archipelegola: The language has Inuit roots, which has some beautiful names and sounds, so we can probably steal from there. female: Panninguaq, Nivi, Pipaluk, Ivalu M
  10. caps/italics are his Best way to avoid the embargo ever I hope Obsidian sues RPS for breach of embargo. They really should not be circumventing stuff like this, positive opinions or not. A nice fat settlement should help fund PoE 2 as well.
  11. Here we go: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Personal_Names only for Aedyran, Vailian and Glanfathan names though. I would like to know about The White That Wends
  12. I remember Josh writing some things about the naming conventions (used letters and sounds and such) for the different cultures of Eora. I will try to see if I can find it.
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