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  1. Yeah it's a little weird, you would think they would have +3 bonus athletics + whatever your base spent points are. Wolf attribute allocation also seems like a giant oversite. All animals have 5 int, but wolf just happens to have all 10's? Little weird. Hopefully we see some more balancing changes down the road, but I still think they work fine. As b0rsuk said, there supplementary. A Ranger is the 2 of them combined really. Most games that have Rangers (usually hunters) where an animal companion is a basic feature, they tend to have absurdly pointless dmg but can 'tank good enough' for sol
  2. So...148 deflection and Addra couldn't land a hit on you, all grazes and misses o.O That's a lot of deflection. On a side note, Ranger companions should totally have those stats
  3. @iKrivotko : and that's not PotD. Toss 50% on top of his deflection to it and... yeeeaaah... That's gonna be a lot of stacking, I'm not even sure anyone can actually get that high. But hey, that 140-ish will at least nullify the crits.
  4. I got a PST playthrough planned where I intend to play through on PotD because 'PST combat was hard and it was mostly conversations'. Anyway, my only real 'tank' is gonna be The Nameless One PC whos a fighter and wont use shields. Gonna use 1H axes or a 2H weapon of some kinda (maybe poleaxe) though im making a concession with him using full plate since going naked a little to impossible. I have a feeling it's gonna suck pretty hard not having the big deflection bonus from Shields o.O I mean they only account for... 36 right? 16+12 with +6 from talent... heh. Balls. He will be a Warrior th
  5. @tdphys : that's weird, would make sense but not sure how any of the damage makes sense going off that. I wonder if fine/superb is considered 'base damage' once its augmented a weapon then? Or if Might bonus is also outside the combining of all skill dmg %. Reason i say that is how do you get 150 outa just a sneak attack crit if nothing is multiplicative? Assuming the crit 50% IS multiplicative, which would make sense but nothing else is... if you rolled max dmg your looking at 124.74 dmg. That's a good 30-ish dmg shy of 150 after DR. Now, if Superb, Might bonus and Skill bonuses are all m
  6. @Draco: The Displaced Image potion, lvl 3, mimics Wizards version of that spell. Base 45 sec duration, gives +25 deflection and +20 reflex. For tougher fights that'll go along way to keep your fighter line alive. That said my main tank in one playthrough is a Barb DW'ing. Just has a lot of HP and solid DR from armor/passive. Deflection is disgraceful and he'll still keep going for a rather long time (unless he gets super ganked with a lot of crits at once). I'm sure you can make the all warrior group work just fine.
  7. @Dukefx : dmg bonus are multiplicative, attack/recovery speeds aren't. It's been stating a few times. And you can hit for 100+. Friend crit-sneaked for 150 earlier in his game, and I can promise you that wasn't because dmg multipliers where additive. As to the other stuff... yeah pets defenses are pretty low. Bear has some good base DR though. I originally thought we got x1.5 dr boost at 3, and quickly realized it was +1.5 which is a pretty big let down. Either way, bear definitely has the tanky advantage with the base 11 DR. +3 from fear +whatever from lvls. Keeps em in line (other then
  8. Ehh that +20 deflection buff is just kinda getting you to a Fighters base. You can stack up a fighter, even Eder (who doesn't have optimal stats) over 100 Deflection which drastically improves how little you get hit, completely nullifies crit chances in most situations. Ultimately you can't have 'to much deflection' or well, you can, but you can't get enough in this game to actually 'get there'. For instance lowest accuracy enemy I think is around...20-ish? You would need 120 deflection to make it so they had a 100% miss chance. And your 'probably' not hitting 120 with out stacking some potion
  9. Absolutely no idea. But my Wolf has landed some rather solid base hits. I think it's on par with Sabre. Some basic examples right now. ituumak grazed a Shadow for 13.2 dmg before DT. 13.2! That 'would' of been 26.4 normal dmg hit. Granted, DT kicked in and lower it but you get the idea. 13.2 graze is pretty solid. Now, as far as % go, they currently have x1.12 from lvl, and x1.15 from vicious companion. That's a combined (multiplicative) 1.288 dmg boost. So with out that bonus they would of hit for about 20.5. So... that's the best I can do. I know they can hit, at base, around 20. I'v
  10. Yeah I originally was going to take Brute Force, cause... It sounds great, fits the character I was going for. Was extremely disappointed to find out the 'vast' majority of enemies have far more Fortitude then deflection making it a wasted ability. It's one of those things they've stated not wanting to have happen that seems to of happened anyway you know? Don't want any useless abilities, want each ability thats situational to be applicable like... 20% of the time. Brute Force? Applicable about 2% of the time... hmmm... yeah no thanks.
  11. This whole half a second thing is really irking me for some reason. How exactly are you getting half a second here? Fist, being 'fast' is an attack speed of 2/3rds a second + 4/5ths a second of recovery IF you have no armor on (and 10 dex). With no armor on, and 25 dex (just to grab a high number) your looking at.. 1.188 seconds combined attack speed + recovery. It's literally impossible for you to do it once every half a second. More so you'd have to be naked as **** to even get it to 1 second flat. Maybe your just hyperboling... probably, considering you'd also have to get hit enough ti
  12. Yeah I think the god choices is mostly just a matter of number of talents and a match for Paladin orders really. No real reason why all the gods shouldn't be available otherwise when you think about it. Like ya said Prudent, hopefully we get more options in the expansion when they can add more talents for that in.
  13. @Zwie, that's... not entirely true. There is Companion AI it's just basically defensive AI from IE games. They'll attack something with whatever weapon they're currently using if they get attacked them selves. Once they're attacking something they will switch targets (usually). I find them switching targets once there targets dead is more likely if you tell more then 1 to attack at once. THAT is technically companion AI, and is close to what I used in IE. I wish I could set basic aggressive levels though with an AI toggle on/off. Mostly an easy of use thing, liked to set my fighters to off
  14. Far as I'm concerned the wound mechanic is, off I guess. The original idea I liked, your setting aside some dmg to fuel abilities, If you don't use them, the dmg crops back up later. I can see that being a pain in the ass though so I see why they changed it. What I don't get, however, is how the only part of that they removed was the mitigation? They still go away after awhile and now your taking full dmg while having crappy endurance. Your basically a rogue (with more HP but same endurance) with bad dmg that 'needs' to get hit to be effective. It's... It's just kinda weird, you know? I feel
  15. As an aside, and really this works for everyone... but if you want your Druid to be in melee range more often I'd definitely take a Psion and a Priest with you. Pain Block and Armor of Faith combined will get your DT in form over the 20 mark. Makes them a little more manageable, but still garbage compared to every other class in melee or even you just with armor on. But hey, 20-ish DT with that attack speed and base dmg isn't half bad if your not the focus of attention, it'll definitely let you do a 1 v 1 if need be.
  16. I've been using one in my Hard playthrough (not as main). Made my holy party, got a Barb primary tank (no shield, DW'ing). Ranger with a bear companion is my other front liners. Which is something to keep in mind, Ranger is actually 2 units. Which does help split up enemies which is one of the 3 main factors in not dying horrible. DR, Deflection, and splitting up damage from the 'group'. Often times a melee goes down because of the swarming dmg. High deflection or numbers is required to mitigate that swarming. You can kinda do both with the Ranger though, Shield focus em up + you have the
  17. Yeah, swords are definitely the general better choice. I ultimately went with sabers on my main just because I liked the visuals, mechanics be damned. So happy to see them get a little buff. The 1 more dmg then swords was... not noticable. As a side note, DR doesn't change even in Path of the Damned. It's identical through out... course, PotD has just about everything else upped by 50%. They get 50% more dmg, more accuracy, more defences and 50% more health. It's a hell of a shift for screwing you over. o.O -edit- Oh, and Path of the Damned is the only one that actually changes stats.
  18. Kind of depends, in general faster weapons do more DPS. But 2H (slower stuff) does more to higher DR targets. It can be a good idea to find a weapon catagory that has 2 weapons you want (a 1h and a 2h). DW the 1H, have the 2H as backup. That was my plan though I've found, for the most part, the DW works just fine for most things.
  19. Chanter summons are pretty solid, if for no other reason then they can keep using them and it wont unsummon the previous lot. 2 Chanters can easily flood the field with cannon fodder. Back on my initial Path of the Damned, I had Kara spamming Skeletons to keep shadows occupied. Hell at one point it was just him and Durance, and they managed to finish off 1 mob via skeleton spamming + ranged combat. Just wedged a buncha skeletons between them and the big ass fire blight thing. Current playthrough, chanter I made (as a 2nd char) is using the summon shadow, works pretty good. Though I got eno
  20. Ehh not sure I'd say they're terrible tanks. Mines doing better then my fighter does. Only thing the fighters doing better is keeping more things tied up which is, arguably more important. DR makes a bigger difference more often then a random chance though. Unless you can get that deflection so high it starts being the 5% chance of a 5% chance like in DnD anyway. Like I've said though, in the same situations my Barb survives about the same as a Fighter. Certain situations one does better then the other. But my Barb always, ALWAYS last longer through multiple fights. And that is what I was tryi
  21. Barbarian has the highest HP value of any of them and has a skill that can regenerate a large percentage (all of it for the first 3-4 lvls, 70-80% late). That is ultimately your biggest factor unless you like resting all the time. Cleric, for instance you could make into just as tanky as anyone else, but your going to be limited in there overall health total. You could still do it though, you ultimately need good armor, throw a shield on go defensive. Clerics, since you mentioned em, have plenty of heal related skills. including an AoE heal over time. Chanter, for that matter also gets a g
  22. Bumping just once in case someone who has any idea wtf is going on with this just missed the thread.
  23. Yeah, it's weird... I swear it happened not when leveling. At 3 he had 100 endurance, and I remember he had 597 HP (which is less then x6 >.<)... then outa no where he had over 900 health at some point. Now, at lvl 4, he's at 120 Endurance but 1084hp. So yeah.. I'm confused. This happened before I got the keep, btw. Before I hit lvl 4 (which was just after obtaining). So.. yeah, super confused. Not sure if it's just a bug or if something else is causing it. Not seeing anything in the char sheet that would explain health never matching up (either slightly less or way the balls more).
  24. So, playing a Barbarian, supposed to have x6 health as endurance. I can't seem to find any information on that changing, or scaling with level past just x6 endurance. Make a new char, he has less then that, 3 lvls down the road (lvl 4) and now he has like 9.0583- more HP then endurance. No special talents, and it's not just at this lvl it went all crazy. Every time any character levels up the amount per endurance seems to increase slightly like it's on some weird exponential scale. Anyone else notice this? Or was there some kinda HP change where keeping it static wasn't work? It's all extr
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