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[v301] Beneficial AoE spell targeting enemy actors.



[Description of the issue]

At least one beneficial spell - in particular, the first level Priest spell "Armor of Faith" - is using the plain "AoE" type. This AoE type prevents the spell from targeting friendly units in the outer circle even if the spell is beneficial. As such, it's easier to target enemy actors than friendly ones.


See this thread for more information.


[steps to Reproduce]

  • Start a game.
  • Select the BB_Priest.
  • Start targeting the party using the first level spell "Armor of Faith". Note how the AoE type of the spell is "AoE".
  • Attempt to target a friendly unit. Note how the spell will not affect the actor until it is within the inner circle.
  • Attempt to target an enemy unit. Note how the enemy is targeted within the outer circle.
[Expected Behaviour]

Beneficial AoE effects should either:

  • Affect only friendly units, or
  • affect enemy units less than friendly units (use the larger radius for friendlies, and the smaller for enemies).
[Other Remarks / Comments]

I'm not sure if this is just the spell using the wrong type of AoE, or if it is supposed to affect enemy targets as well.

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I'm not sure if people realized it also affected enemies' spells. I had party members affected by Cowled Dwarf's beneficial spells (Medreth's priest buddy). Just to make sure the revamp doesn't forget them...

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