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Pillocks of Eternity

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This thread is for the purpose of people who aren't clear about the game and want an answer to it that other members here already know. For added fun, if you can answer the person's question you get to say "Confirmed a Pillock of Eternity" and then give your answer. I'll start:


Circa 2808 AI

"The Saint's War informally ends when St. Waidwen was destroyed by a massive bomb north of Halgot Citadel"



How massive is this bomb? And do we get access to bombs in the game? Any difference to 10 mages casting fireballs at the same area?

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Will PoE feature Romance or Kill XP? :biggrin: (I kid)

There is XP for killing romance.

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It's athletics - you have to climb the cliff to get to it.



It looks like it could incorporate two checks? I kept failing the "climb down while carrying the egg" portion, which makes sense since I usually only put 10 in Con. Although, BB Fighter also fell on the climb down, but Im not sure what his Con score is.

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If we fall from that height, might we land on pillows of eternity?

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Is the piglet already enchanted, and will we be able to romance it after breaking the enchantment when it returns to its true form as a beautiful prince?


I remember watching an anime series as a kid about a girl that could transform into a pig to gain magical powers. I forgot what this series was called, unfortunately. I also forgot what this implies about my sexuality. But the girl was hot... I think.



EDIT: Found it! The series is called "Super pig".

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