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Music, part 2


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Not a bad re-do of the song,  made even more so as..well..James doesn't need to sing on it (understand his voice got shot, but still).

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Why has elegance found so little following? Elegance has the disadvantage that hard work is needed to achieve it and a good education to appreciate it. - Edsger Wybe Dijkstra

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Not sure if this should be here or in the weird news thread:





The premise behind Babymetal is simple: Take a trio of Japanese teen girl pop stars, choreographed dance moves and all, and have them sing over hard-charging death metal riffs.





Things of note: 1) The chorus on this song is nefariously catchy; 2) This may be the best metal song ever written about how awesome it is to eat chocolate; 3) The people playing their backing music are dressed as skeletons; 4) If you show this to an actual metalhead, he or she will never forgive you.


As one Jezebel commenter wrote in response to a post about the video, "Somewhere in Norway there is a metalhead in corpse paint standing in a forest crying tears of blood.”





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