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Armor on armor on armor... Real Armor system ingame and customization!

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My Idea is to make the 3 types of armor which u can wear on u at the same time.



This is how in the medieval, armor was worn. It would be cool to see this in Project eternity aswell. It would be cool to decide if u want to wear shoulderarmor with a gambeson or not. Of course there would be some penalties for wearing everything but it would be also give u some advantage in term of defence.


English is not my mother language so im very sorry if my Idea is not clear to you. I hope you can figure it out. Here is a pic Gambeson+Plate armor to help u imagine how it could look.




by customization I mean choosing in in a blacksmith shop the color of the gambeson or the look of the helmet and stuff like this really small but cool details :).

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It would just come down to applying a Gambeson on top of your mail or plate armour. Given that it is pretty much just padded cloth I would expect the protection it offers to be negligible (you already wear padding underneath your armour).


Plate armour would also include all the mail it would need to function, no need to apply a suit of mail if you are already wearing plate. it should be included if it is a complete suit.

All plate and mail armour should include things like an arming doublet (which is also known as a gambesom) by default if it is to function properly. You need it to fasten the individual pieces of your plate armour and for with mail also to protect against blunt weapons as mail by itself is near useless against say a mace. This padding is pretty much also what makes the armour wearable in the first place.


As for helmets etc those could just be separate items.

Really except to add some colour to your armour by applying a gambesom on top of it (and maybe minor stat changes). I do not even see much customization options here beyond that, a suit of plate should include all the mail it needs if it is complete. Both mail and plate should include the arming doublet if it is to really be usable.

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Wouldn't mind some type of armor on armor. Roll one to hit and penetrate first armor then roll a second one with penalties to penetrate due to slower velocity after penetrating the first set of armor. Wearing double armor would also have penalties of course whether to agility, sight, speed or what not.

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Underrail is a little indie which made additional layers of armor like upgrades; for exaple, you can craft a leather armor, and when crafting it has two slots, and you can put a padding or some plates in those slots which add new properties to armor.

Actually, I think it's a feature from Jagged Alliance, you could change armoring plates inside vests there. KOTOR had something like that too.

In Rage of Mages you could wear a breastplate on top of mail.

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Keep in mind that this is an isometric game and you won't be able to see details of your character's armor.


It may be an isometric game but this isn't 1995, the maximum resolution they are playing with isn't 800x600; Im sure you will be able to make out enough to see a certain level of layering etc.


Having said that the system described in this thread would be way too much. The only armour on armour that would be nice to see would maybe be a robe over the top of light armour or something similar.

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From a cosmetic side I don't see an issue with letting us change the color of gear or equipping a vanity tabard over our armor. As for all the realism stuff, I think it is assumed that when I put on my plate armor I have some chain to protect the joints and a gambeson to protect my skin as an already included thing.

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I do understand layering armour is how it did realistically work.


How most games tend to do it is simply the higher armour value items automatically include this.

crude example: Plate gives lets say 12 armour points Chain gives 7 and Leather 2. The chain itself only actually gives 3 but the leather is added to this. same way the plates only give 6 but the other 2 are added also.


I don't think they need to explain this in anything but the games artwork. In a lot of fantasy games you can see the chain as part of plate but it is called plate armour not chain plus plates.


It would be needlessly complicated and wouldn't add enough to the game to layer it. Especially when the art could show this is in effect potentially better than mechanics.

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None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination. 

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