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  1. Actually the metre is currently defined based on the speed of light and before that the krypton 86 emissions, that silly platinum-iridium stick has not had any significant scientific value for over 50 years (yes I know about the origin of the metre as 1/10^7 the polar/equator distance but today it has no relation to earth). Okay admitted I would be surprised if they somehow defined a second around 9.192.631.770 state transitions of the 133 caesium atom like we do and then decided that the distance light travels in vacuum in 1/299.792.458 of that is a meter. As for the other very relevant un
  2. Simply focusing on the entry is not all there is to making a game non-linear. If that was all there was to it I could say Dragon Age Origins was one of the most non-linear game ever. It has what? 5 ways to enter the “game”? That it does pretty much nothing with those entries literally 2 minutes after dropping you off at Ostagar is another story... That is an extreme case yes, but it still highlight the problem of just focusing on the entry, it is not the entire game, with all likelihood it is a very little part of it. It would not matter much either if teleporting to or sneaking into Ostagar
  3. uhm, SWTOR sold something around 2.1M units which had dropped to around 1.7M subscribers in february (just under the 3 month mark and beyond the 1 free month) and 1.3M in May with the August report saying well above 500K. Those are numbers from EA press announcements related to their investors meetings. From what I remember SWG never broke 500K. As for the profitability of SWTOR lets assume 800K subscribers on average (which might be somewhat of an underestimate) paying 15$ (europeans pay that in euro) each month for 12 months and on average 20$ for those 2.1M units, that is 186M$. From that
  4. It is not impossible no, but considering that ToEE was not really a financial success selling 128K units (according to wikipedia) and it being radically different mechanically to the current MMO market I really would not count on it. MMO devs are not very likely to throw millions at a project where the prospects at best is uncertain As for SWG lets be honest, it was never a very large success. From what I remember ToR got several times SWG's peak subscribers sortly after release and unless it has dropped significantly since I last checked is still ahead. NGE was not really a success eith
  5. MMO? This game will AFAIK not have any multiplayer component at all so you are really far off then. Also I would be quite surprised to see ToEE mechanics put to MMO format. Maybe from a small indie company (though naturally then without a D&D license), but the large AAA publishers will not touch it with a 10 foot pole, the record is just not appealing to them. Also got a feeling they would be on to something, I really do not think the majority of ToEE players are also MMO players. You can look to games like the Kotor series transitioning to the MMO market and how a large part of the old g
  6. Well one thing they do take from ToEE is the Ironman feature, lets just hope it actually work this time... Also the artwork is going to resemble ToEE a bit more than the IE games from a technical standpoint, 3D models on a 2D background.
  7. From a computer game perspective the stories are bad simply due to them being horribly linear. I remember running through the knight storyline with both a pure light and pure dark character and I hardly noticed any difference (killing a character is not really a difference if you never see them again anyway). For the Victory scene I noticed one different sentence and that in a situation where the extremely anti sith jedi should have been putting my darkside monstrocity to the sword. Add to that that something like 90-95% of the questing/levelling content is identical for all classes for the sa
  8. Could also be that it is based on D&D 3rd edition and that game included a mechanic called "taking 20" Basically it means that in a situation where you can continually repeat a check you will eventually get 20 on the D20 (just like repeatedly trying to unlock a door in BG where if you can succeed you sooner or later will if you roll a good enough result, here it is just automated). It does not do it for say pickpocketing, even if it is outside combat as it is a skill where you cannot casually repeat it. Also you could still fail out of combat actions if the check was higher than 20 + yo
  9. How are you bypassing something that you where not meant to be able to do? Reloading a savegame and trying again will in no way at all allow you to do something you where not allowed to do in the first place. All it means is you get an additional chance at the exact same scenario you tried before unless you actively change something. Indeed given that it is pretty irrelevant to talk about people that are not allowed to enter your shed considering that they do not exist in that scenario. Really they also have a key to the door. Reloading is in no way different than being lucky the first time
  10. I would also have preferred it to have been a single-player game. Be it related to the KotOR games or some completely unrelated SW story. As one that have tried the MMO I will also say that in many cases it felt like a single player game. I sure could get through the good parts without talking to any other human being. That said I am not sure how much we should blame the MMO for the situation with Revan and Meetra Surik. Much of it is from the book Star Wars: The old Republic: Revan which was actually released before the MMO. Both are probably written in conjunction given how deeply some
  11. Personally I am not too much for minigames. If they are optional and fit into the world as a whole and at least are moderately fun (and does not take too many resources from the core game) fine, but mandatory minigames please no. That is not to say I dislike them as such, I just rarely play them. One of the few I liked was pazzak, it was fast, moderately fun and within lore of the game. I would however be irritated if I had to play pazzak 5-10 times in a row, which could happen in such a system even if I was not constantly reloading to get a successful roll. A hard part of the game could resu
  12. I am still going to stick with: Make the game so I do not want to or do not feel the need to reload, not a game where it is hard to reload. What you have in that example is still just a restriction, nothing more nothing less. If I feel the game is unfair to me I will still want to reload. That has not changed at all, what you have changed is my ability to do so. You are not making the game "fair" (definition of fair is open to debate), neither are you taking away my need (be it imaginary or not) to reload. If we want to reduce the amount of reloading in the game, lets look at the sour
  13. That is probably solved just as easily with the trial of iron (ironman) difficulty option that is already going to be included, unless you copy your savegame you pretty much have to accept all results you get there.
  14. From a time/cost vs result I really do not think this is worth it. In an ideal world sure, but this is a project with limited time and resources. First off given that backgrounds are going to be pre-rendered 2D images if the art posted so far is any kind of reference it would make it hard to do anything worthwhile with a physics engine. Pictures like those from mafia requires collision boxes to work well be it from the ground or world objects. An image does not have this naturally, it is flat and dynamic calculations on a flat plane is fairly boring and in most cases not very accurate. C
  15. In an ideal world where there is no restrictions in time or money I would say why not. However with limited time and budget I would definitely prefer resources being dedicated towards making a better core game. Those features personally give me nothing, I tend to agree with Hormalakh that features like ironman are generally a waste, especially if it turns out as "great" as the ToEE Ironman feature....
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