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  1. 1. Ammo?

    • No.
    • Yes, one kind.
    • Yes, 'levelled' ammo.
    • Yes, enchantable ammo.
    • Yes, both of above.
    • I can't begin to describe how much I don't care.
    • Don't know / indecisive / I feel sick / attention def...oooh, shiny

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I love ammo management and different types. Just like multiple coins and coin weight. It's more fun, and cooler, and fantatsical. It makes you have to think about your resources uinsetad ofm just go pewpew for giggles - make you think about wasting your good stuff.


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This is a stupid poll. There can be hordes of ammo varieties without it being 'leveled' or 'enchanted.' I suggest the op look up how many types of arrow the Mongols had (whistling, armor penetrating, etc), or even just look at a website that sell pistol ammunition. From subsonic rounds to high velocity to slugs to hollow points there are all varieties of ammunition and arrowheads. Your poll options are silly.

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Damn god... i hate ammo - you got another silly thing to worry about.


Yeah - i think ammo should matter - but only to some degree. I think that when you are in longer campaign there should be risk that will run ouf of, because you cant carry so much so you wont shoot on every bull**** that is moving.


But guys - do you really like deciding - if this is this fight you bought this special enchanted +3 ammo or save it for later.


Imo there will be better option to just give you another skill you may find in the game with 2-3 charges and then going on really long cooldown (Frost shot, piercing shot. So you will be able to use it and after some time you will have it back. Not arranging ammo in the combat, then changing back when big guy has fallen.


Just btw - are admin even reading this?

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I think that you should have to manage arrows, bullets and gun powder. I like the idea of them taking up inventory room and carrying weight. I mean, there's a cost to carting around hundreds of arrows, I think. Infinite ammo is very video-gamey, in my opinion. Plus it gives another layer of tactical consideration, imo.


As far as different arrows: Again, I like the tactical aspect of having multiple arrow types, as far as broad heads against unarmored targets or bodkins against armor, etc.


As far as bullets: they pretty much just had round ball shot in the 1400s. There aren't going to be very many ammo choices in PE given what they've said about the tech level.

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I think that there should be basic ammunition for weapons it is appropriate for. Ammunition should be able to be enchanted and improved with materials.

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Crafting arrows, picking up arrows that you shoot. Only one quiver at a time that can be extended.


Maybe start off with only 40 arrows, that you can extend by leveling up (with having 60-80 arrows at max).


Crafting arrows that you loose, abilities that "regenerate" arrows (e.g., you craft them whilst walking but the game doesn't show any animation or "downtime" for it, ability would have to be explained). Picking up arrows you shoot also "regenerate" your stock. In Baldur's Gate you can have 3 slots dedicated to 3 quivers, and man when I close my eyes and imagine that I only see all kinds of silly (Archer with 3 Quiver's on their backs, tied up around their torso and in awkward positions).


A Class-Kit Mod for Baldur's Gate called "Dragon Slayer" gives you an innate ability to create Arrows of Dragon Slaying, it is awesome and great, the only problem is that you can sell them for 4.3k Gold or so for 20-ish. Mid-game I realized that it was quite boring, and I would've loved to start off with creating regular arrows, then at a certain level being able to create +1 Arrows, then perhaps Fire arrows, Ice arrows in succession etc. etc.


Now there are only 12-13 effective levels (as it seems) in P:E, and getting new arrows that you can craft each level is going to make your previous arrow creations loose interest pretty fast, so perhaps you can choose one enchantment once every 3rd level, that branches out differently depending on what kind of crafting tree you choose? E.g., if you go down the path of crafting Fire Arrows you wouldn't be able to craft Ice Arrows (unless you would backtrack in the Skill Tree, but this would instead lock you out of maxing out the Fire Arrow tree or something... I'm rambling *poof* :p).

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I'd like to see ammo and different types of it BUT they should be unlimited, so i don't have to micromanage that too. I should just choose which type of ammo my characters are going to use and not stop to check every time whether i have enough or not to keep shooting.

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I think that ammo should be finite but that there should also be different types of ammo outside of enchanted/special materials. For example you could have the traditional barbed arrow do more damage as well as a Bodkin arrow which does less but has much better armour penetration/chance to hit. Similarly rather than just having guns shooting a lead ball you could also have flechettes turning the gun into more of a shotgun/blunderbuss weapon. The real issue with this apart from the mechanics though is the micro-management aspect. It requires a solid inventory system.

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