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What do you plan to use as your starting character?

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I'll usually go male caster of some sort of my first playthough leaning good then female rogue type second leaning evil. After that it's up in the air.


If the game requires specific roles (tank, healer, dps) I'll probably go tank though.

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I don't have any idea what I want to play. Every class but barbarian has credits to its name in my eyes, and we haven't heard enough about the races for me to say much.


I mean, I'll be saying "oooooh, shiny" every time we get an in-depth look at a particular class over the course of development; there's no point in me planting my flag right now, because I know I'll have a wandering heart.

Curious about the subraces in Pillars of Eternity? Check out 

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First time I'd go with a human male, high intelligence and charisma, to explore the story in a way I tend to find most interesting. Probably a wizard or a paladin. Rogues are great, but I'd rather take one as a companion than play it.

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I have a habit of starting all rpg's with a tank heroic type character.


I never intend this it just happens. I usually go in with the intention of playing something fast or explosive but end up going for the old reliable.


Must be an issue of familiarity.


I'd like to play a monk so I'll probably end up playing a paladin or fighter.

None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination. 

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Probably a Paladin, or a Fighter, or a Cleric, maybe a Ranger.... ooo or a Chanter!

I normally don't play a Barbarian because I love my lawful alignment too much but with alignment out the window that'll definitely be on the plate as well!

Hmm, not a wizard, druid, or cipher on the first pass. And I dislike playing monks. Rogue... rogue is possible. Hmmm. HMMMMMM.

TOO MANY CHOICES! No idea on the race yet, I want to hear more first. ;)

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I really like the lore behind the chanter class. So maybe I'll play as one of those, depending on how "bardy" they end up feeling (not a huge fan of D&D style bards). My chanter would probably be a human male, but sometimes I get inspired to take the character in another direction when looking at the options at the level up screen.


Usually I play as a human fighter, though. This is especially true in party-based games. I like being the one up in the front getting pounded on while everyone else cowers safely behind me. I tried playing a mage in DA:O once, but it just didn't feel right. I couldn't figure out my character's place in the story when she was always hiding in the back but was supposed to be leading the party. That sounds really silly now that I type it out, but at the time it was something I wrestled with and eventually led me to quitting and rolling a new character.


So, whatever I end up going with, it will probably be melee centered.

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