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Big City #2- 3.5mil. stretch goal

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So they've definitely reached 3.5mil with paypal?


in this moment we can say we past the 3.5m ^^



lol that's 3,394.106k or $3,394,106 :facepalm:


What you mean to say is 3,394k + 106k = 3.5 mil


And yes we have accomplished the grand 3.5k and we will get the 2nd large city.... :aiee:


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Given that it looks like they may be adding another stretch goal, I'm thinking about upping my pledge from the $140 collectors tier to the $250 signed collectors tier. I used Paypal so do I just use the "Donate your own amount" section and pledge $110 to get into the signed collectors tier?

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Things are looking good in regards to that second city! This is gonna be great. It feels good to be a part of this phenomena, actually. I'm sure there will be some form of cool interconnections between the two cities. I hope the player's actions will be able to affect their relationship towards each other.

Make sense, not war.

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Let me ask you guys! What would you like to see the next stretch goal be for #ProjectEternity?


C'mon guys, brain storm for something cool. Time is running out



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