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How about postponing the releasedate to december 2014

More game content vs release date  

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  1. 1. Is postponing the releasedate a good idea to allow Obsidan to include more game content

    • Yes! I wan't more content and could wait for it
    • No.
    • No opinion

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Sure, if they need more time, they will take more time. At this point, the projected release date is just that, a mere projection. I don't think anyone will know when the game will really be release-ready for at least a year or more.

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No one knows if it's a good idea to postpone the game at this point. Any game developer should strive to plan realistically and meet its deadlines. I'm expecting Obsidian to meet its deadline and give us a finished, polished product with every promised feature at the promised date. Of course, **** happens, but no one's hoping for that.

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The funding window hasn't even closed yet so IMHO this is just as silly as asking Obsidian to move the release date up to December 2013. Give them some breathing room and a chance to enjoy a development experience free from publisher interference instead of wanting to arbitrarily change the release date before the project is even "officially" started.

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Tbh I'd be happy with just a beta in April 2014. I prefer they take the time to do it right and release a game as great as Fallout (which is still for me the best CRPG of all times) even if it means them delaying release, rather than play a bugged game.

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Classify this one under "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too early to tell". I mean they're still in pre-pre-development. This is the type of thread that would make sense in early 2014. If Project Eternity gets close to the projected release date and it either needs significantly more time or some corners need to be cut, then by all means push the release date back, but we're nowhere near that point.

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