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  1. Preferably nothing with the world 'soul'. Seems way overused.
  2. No more boobz on the gun chick? Lame-o. But really, it looks fantastic.
  3. I want a Colosseum I want to hire a doctore to train gladiators for me. I will pit them against one another, placing wagers on their survival. My gladiators will rise in power and my house will become the premiere gladiatorial host in the realm. Basically, this: What does that have to do with Project Eternity? Nothing. But, it's cool, right?
  4. Neat idea. This wouldn't really make for a good stretch goal, in my humble opinion. This seems like a spin-off that they might do were the game to be a smashing success (which we can only hope for, at this stage). The resources need to be spent on the game itself, and in the marketing for the game, and the administration for the studio. It does sound cool though.
  5. Dynamic events are great in concept. I think they would play out very well in a single-player experience. I recently had a sub-par experience with "dynamic" events with Guild Wars 2. These events had no impact, as they needed to be redone again, and again, and again, due to the online nature of it. But here, in an entirely controlled environment, sure. I think they would be stellar. There needs to be lasting and obvious impact of the events. This will make the world feel vibrant and lived in, and that the player's choices really matter.
  6. I agree - totally like hot women to look hot. I think they want to give the game a more serious tone but hopefully we get some mages in slinky dresses or something So, I went through my Baldur's Gate portraits folder and pulled out some examples of "boob armor." Don't see anything wrong with any of these.
  7. Baldur's Gate I-II, Neverwinter Nights (on fan made content, largely), Icewind Dale I-II, Diablo I-II (ARPG, but I loved it), and though not in the same class, Skyrim has been a lot of fun. Age: 24
  8. I guess I am in the minority here - I dig the boom armor. I think it's pretty sexy. And, in a world where magic will undoubtedly exist, I'm not overly concerned about armor realism. Can everyone please watch this video: http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6550847/female-armor-sucks Thanks.
  9. Sure, if they need more time, they will take more time. At this point, the projected release date is just that, a mere projection. I don't think anyone will know when the game will really be release-ready for at least a year or more.
  10. Mounts are cool in a game like Skyrim where you've only got your one character to worry about. With a group of up to six people, having that many horses (or whatever else) would just be a bit much to handle. Plus, you've got to consider how much it really adds to the game play and weigh that against the cost to implement it. It just doesn't seem like a priority. It would be neat if a fan could mod it in though.
  11. It's got to be complete control. There really is no other way for a game like this.
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