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  1. Hey, So basically I'm in front of the statue in the Old City Overlook, I start the scripted event and pass both a Perception (music) and Survival (bones) check, but when I select the option to dive, the event ends and nothing happens but the camera centering on the statue. No clue what to do to bypass this, as I've already tried reloading an earlier save and event restarting the game.
  2. I want to thank everybody working at Obsidian who helped create PoE. I've been waiting for such a game for so many years, to know that finally my waiting is at an end is a feeling I can't really describe. Suffice to say, the hype is real and I am looking forward to being in front of my computer tomorrow when the game unlocks. I only have one request for you guys, please keep on rolling out patches as often as you have during the beta because that's part of what makes for a great gaming experience, having bugs fixed in a timely fashion. Once again, thanks from the bottom of my heart O
  3. Lies! All lies! My hype is as strong as ever! Like pure adrenaline rushing through my veins
  4. This thread is getting more and more attention as we get closer to them keys being given out. Watch as "users reading this topic" falls drastically once they do
  5. I... just... can't... wait...

  6. It's midnight here, I gotta get up at 6am to get to work. I know I should head to bed but truth be told I probably wouldn't be able to sleep... Just like I won't be able to sleep on Thursday.
  7. "406 users are reading this topic" HHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPPPEEE Can't wait for Thursday, I just can't. Argh it's killing me
  8. Tbh I'm more worried about the "Shipping soon!" note near my signed CE when I look at my pledges than about not having my digital key yet. The later Obsidian can decide to release at any time of their choosing before the deadline that is release day, as for the former it still has to cross an ocean to get here and I'm fairly sure that takes more time. So why are you guys bitching about digital keys that you know you'll have before release? Obsidian has stated many times already that we will be able to play the game the second it is released because we'll be able to preload it. If like me y
  9. I've never dropped under 80 fps even in high vfx situations. Rig consists of a 4930K oc'ed to 4.5GHz and 2 290x oc'ed to 1150/1600.
  10. That trailer.... Holy cow!

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