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Obsidian: Hire this guy. Now.


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Jesus! :o


Those are freaking awesome!

How can it be a no ob build. It has PROVEN effective. I dare you to show your builds and I will tear you apart in an arugment about how these builds will won them.

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I disagree. Well, not that they don't need programmers, but I don't think the need for a great artist disappears because they get a great coder. Just look at World of Warcraft as a shining example: it's nothing special from a technical point of view, still the game is incredibly atmospheric and beautiful because of the fantastic art direction and skillful artists.

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Aye, WoW is kinda the opposite of Galaxies in that Gal has all the bells and whistles of an MMORPG, but WoW has the scenery. And just that reason alone makes WoW a more enjoyable game.


I mean believe me, I play Galaxies and I like it, but I would like it a lot more if it had a little more in the scenery department.

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I wasn't expecting to be impressed, but he does indeed seem to know what he's doing. His website portfolio needs immediate first aid, but otherwise good.


However, Obs needs good 'metalworking' welder type of guys IMO. They're hardly short of good ideas!

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I don't care if Obsidian needs programmers, coders, or vice-presidents, this guy is too good to let up. There are few people who could draw such complex and amazingly detailed pictures. This could be used for such things as storyboard art, or maybe with him coders would get a more vivid image of what should be displayed. IMO, if I were the head of any gaming company, this guy would be behind a desk within a week.



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I have no idea what the realistic needs or criteria for game-company design teams are, but those are indeed very nice drawings. I'm not sure I like his actual faces all that much, but most of the landscapes make me feel like I could step into them.

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