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  1. I dont know about smugglers, but it's been stated that Bounty Hunters, though they will initially be slated for the Sith side of things, may be able to decide who they want to assist in the galactic struggle. Maybe making certain quest decisions will open up opportunities to work for the Republic? All kinds of possibilities to be explored there IMO.
  2. Well the stress test is just what it sounds like. You'll be lucky to get more than 10 minutes of gameplay in at a time before the server crashes. Your best bet if you want to play more is to apply for entrance into the closed beta (soon to be expanded) via their website.
  3. Official Unchangable release date just announced: January 22nd. For those who preorder on the 23rd of this month, you will get a 15 day early start.
  4. Long time no post, but I wanted to give an update on what's going on over here. Starting today anybody and everybody can download the "Stress Test" beta version of the game at FilePlanet to try out till Sunday night. Please note: This isnt open beta and the beta version you'll be testing is 2 months out of date. The ship combat is highly polished but the swordfighting is poor and you can expect alot of lag and crashes. We're looking at a late November/Early December release right now, and the devs at FLS have assured us that the release will definately be out before Christmas. If you havnt already checked this game out be sure and do so at their website! www.piratesoftheburningsea.com See you on the high seas!
  5. Is that a bad thing? And for the record it isnt quite like EvE because there are some differences in the PvP system as well as a landbased system which is definately not seen in EvE. That's just the tip of the iceburg, but again you'll wanna check out the forums.
  6. If anyone is interested, here's a link to a recent developer chat that was very enlightening for me. http://forums.gamingradio.net/showthread.php?t=1162
  7. The beta is closed right now, but they've said they'll be taking in around 10000 new beta applicants very soon. After they finish with the closed beta, they'll open it up for the last couple of weeks before release. One thing I wanted to mention is that this game goes beyond the norm in MMO's in that the level of your character is not the ultimate decider in PvP combat. Skill is. To understand what I mean you'd have to read up on it a little bit in the forums, but trust me, this is not another WoW ripoff. Another major point is the trading system. Almost everything in-game you will ever buy will be manufactured by another player. And there will be no more of this WoW junk where you make 5021 cotton T-shirts before you are a good enough tailor to make buffed armor, but well, again you'll have to read up on that one.
  8. Well the map isnt as small as you think. The devs have stated that the real life time it will take to go from the southernmost port on the map to the northern-most port could take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour depending on wind conditions and so-forth. So no, it's a big map. (Note that if you have a ship docked in a port on the other side of the world, you can instantly switch to that ship/port if you are currently docked at a different port.) As for the PvP, I was sceptical about the system as well till I got to know it a little better. There can be up to 12 out of 80+ ports in what is known as a "contested" state. When in that state, pvp is allowed in a circle-like area around the port for about 200-300 miles. (It takes about 5 minutes to sail from the outermost part of the circle to the innermost part) There will be incentive for freetraders to access these ports as their valuables may be in high demand there, or they may have valuables stored in that port that they want to retrieve in case a different faction takes the port over who will then charge them a hefty tax to remove it. Naval officers will want to enter these PvP zones because there will be pirates trying to raid convoys, and so on and so forth. The actual gameplay is alot deeper than what I've described, but I'd reccodment checking out the forums to save my fingers from having to retype it all.
  9. This game is supposed to be a ground-breaker in terms of MMOs. Personally I'm thrilled with the direction they're taking and in case anyone here hasnt heard about the game yet, here's their website: http://www.burningsea.com/pages/page.php?pageKey=home We've got a great forum community and some awesome admins/devs who are very good about answering any questions you can come up with. And as a side note, those of you who have heard about/will hear about their involvement with SOE, well the devs have made it very clear that SOE will have 0 authority when it comes to the game itself. SOE will only be marketing/distributing the game. So with that said, I'll see you on the high seas!
  10. Pirates of the Burning Sea. Yar! http://www.burningsea.com/pages/page.php?pageKey=home
  11. Back up there a second. God never came into being. God has always existed. God is infinate and we are not. Now you can not believe in God all you want, but I believe that science can only explain how God's creation works, not how it came to be.
  12. Eesh, bad choise of characters for that run, especially if they're not configured properly. I never liked Visas. She's way too weak and doesnt deal much damage. Mira is fine if she's a Jedi, and Mandalore is a good choise. Been a while since I played, but you've got a tough combo there. My advice would be to have each of your characters attack a single opponant. I realize they are probobly outmatched, but that way none of your guys gets ganged up on and wiped out quickly. Use any team heals you've got when you need to and then try to pick them off one by one. As soon as you kill one of them, it becomes that much easier. Still, that is a tough room unless you're perfectly prepared.
  13. Well I'm going to appeal to everyone's logical side for a moment. I'm a Christian, I tell you that right up front, but I'm not one who trys to shove what I believe down your throat. You've got a right to believe whatever you want to believe, and if you think you can prove something, well that's for you to decide. Consider this though: If I choose to believe that the earth was created by God, a being of such power and magnitude He is incomprehensible to us, others who believe in evolution generally critisize me for beleving in a myth of unproveable proportions. However, an evolutionist chooses to believe that everything in the universe originated out of absolutely nothing 15 billion years ago and slowly formed into what we see today. If you want to believe that, that's fine. But you have to admit there is no way to prove that it happened that way. You may have evidence that seems to lend towards that theory, but you cannot prove it. Is it so much harder to believe everything was created by God than it is to believe everything was created by boom? So all I'm saying is, if you want to believe that way, that's fine. Just realize you can no more prove your theory than I can prove that God created everything. If you were walking through a forest and came upon a magnificent painting hanging on a tree with no evidence that anyone had ever passed by that way, you would still assume that the painting was created by someone. The odds of all the right compounds coming together to make such a painting by chance are so slim it isn't worth calculating, and yet evolutionists have no trouble swalowing the idea that EVERYTHING was made in just that manner. At the same time though, they will readily ridicule anyone who believes that this incredible universe we live in was created by God. I know creationists can be irreasonable and illogical at times, they say "It's in the Bible so it's true!" Well I believe in the Bible but I also know that some people don't and so I can only hope to at least open your mind to the possibility that everything around us was designed.
  14. I eat spam. You can't threaten me with what I eat.... Or can you? Anyhow. Please, someone download the demo and post some feedback! The game is excellent but the Devs didnt do nearly enough advertising. I'm always playing with the same 30 people lol. Not asking people to buy it, just try it.
  15. Well thanks for moving my topic to the appropriate forum. As for the game itself and Steam, I'm a little puzzled as to why you say you dont trust them, but as far as things have gone on my end, they've been good. I bought the game a couple days ago, and the gameplay is all but tireless. You can outfit your ride so you can tank, stealth, pack heavy firepower, and the best part is you can change up midgame. The trailer doesnt really do the game justice so I'd sure appriciate it if a couple people who try the demo would post their opinion on the game. Anyhow, see you all in there. My in-game name is Captain K. Happy hypering.
  16. Hey sorry, I looked at both sections and I wasnt sure that this post was appropriate for that forum. Not like it's a big deal mate, this is the "Post anything you want to here" forum. If an admin wants to move it over there, that's fine with me.
  17. Hi everyone. Well here's a game I found that is pretty fantastic. It would be difficult to explain the gameplay, so I'll just link you to the demo website and you can try it out from there. The game is called ThreadSpace Hyperbol, and it's been a ton of fun. In particular, I can say it's a relieving deversion from the usually run of the mill games. The demo offers full multiplayer playability for a limited amount of time. (There's no single player) So anyway, let the game speak for itself. Give it a try! http://www.hyperbol.com/Default2.aspx
  18. You gotta give credit to Obiwan. I mean sure, he might not have been the most powerful Jedi ever, but considering the only guy he ever lost a fight to was Dooku, and that due to Dooku's stance canceling out Kenobi's, he was pretty impressive. Defeated Maul, Vader in his prime, and multiple other non-force sensitive characters. Obiwan had to be half-way realistic power wise since he was the first Jedi you ever saw in the Star Wars universe. If he could manipulate black holes and what not, I dont think Star Wars would have caught on the way it did.
  19. What future Star Wars games do you expect to be discussed/revealed at the E3? Also, do you suspect they may announce Kotor3?
  20. I think it is lame that we will HAVE to play as a Sith. In fact, if thats the case, I dont think I'll even get the game. I want to play as a Jedi and fight the DS! Not be a Sith and fight FOR it! Oy. LA, you better make it a choise as to either be a Jedi or a Sith, or you will get none of my hard earned money.
  21. $240 my friend? No no no. Go to newegg.com and you can get Home premium for $119. I'm not an all out Vista fan, but hey it is the new OS and you gotta get it to use DX 10. So while I dont plan on upgrading right away, I'm sure I will in the near future.
  22. Aye, WoW is kinda the opposite of Galaxies in that Gal has all the bells and whistles of an MMORPG, but WoW has the scenery. And just that reason alone makes WoW a more enjoyable game. I mean believe me, I play Galaxies and I like it, but I would like it a lot more if it had a little more in the scenery department.
  23. Gonna have to disagree on your statement about Kreia being good. She was not doing it to aid others or to prevent deaths, she says so herself. She hates the force and the fact that it has a will. She wants to kill it out of hate and resentment, not to aid others. And no, the ends do not justify the means. If you have to do bad in order to do good, you are doing bad. Sometimes this means that we have to choose between losing something dear to us, or giving up our morals. We may decide we love whatever that thing or person is more than anything else, and so we choose to do bad in order to save that thing or person. That does not make our decision a good one, except maybe in our own minds. In the end, we realize just what a bad choise has cost us and everyone around us, and then we know whether it was a good choise or not.
  24. Aye, I'm going to have to agree with you on this one mate. While some people may THINK that they are falling in order to serve the greater good, ultimately their choises prove to have been foolish and rash. So while people may have INTENDED good when they fell, in reality they simply were wrong and end up being consumed by the DS. As to Atris, I believe she fell a long time before the end of KOTOR 2. She just kept up a "good show" and told herself that she was doing the right thing. She believed she was right and still stood with the light, but in truth she had already fallen. She just didnt know it yet.
  25. As always, the Dark side holds the easier path here. What you have to consider is that when you take the dark side approach, you inherently assume the dark side role along with it. I mean, you can play out the LS of the game with DS stats, but you will have a hard time making the LS choises and keeping your force bar all the way to DS. Me, I always play LS. Maybe I take the game too seriously, but I dont like being the villan of the plot. What really bugs me is how pathetic they paint the Jedi Masters. Every time you see one they're getting whooped on. Just for once I would like to see them showing a Jedi Master owning some Sith. Maybe we'll see a little in Kotor 3.
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