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Worst Companion

Who is the worst companion???  

93 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is the worst companion???

    • Kreia
    • Atton
    • Bao-Dur
    • Handmaiden
    • Visas Marr
    • Disciple
    • HK-47
    • T3-M4
    • Mira
    • Mandalore

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Doesn't your Queen say something about Disciple forgetting the force and becoming a Senator?

When the Exile is dark enough he says the darkside is rotting her from within.

Since he fears the darkside, turns away from the teachings of the Force, and becomes a Senator, I would say that training him was a wasted effort.

A waste? Perhaps, like Kreia says, if the Exile hadn't turned away from the Force and followed Revan in the Jedi Civil War she would have learned the lesson of a follower, and been nothing more than that, maybe it was for the best for her Disciple as it was for the Exile that he chose otherwise. Besides, the task to stop the Sith on Dxun can be appointed to him, in that case his training would have made him up to the challenge and turned the tied of the conflict on Onderon.
When Disciple scores a critical hit, you know he'll say "You have left me an opening!" If you know what I mean.
I trust your exile has taught you restraint and discipline in the ways of the flesh, but I cannot help but hear you guys at times, and such curious thoughts they are, not at all like a Jedi. Those indignities have no place in this galaxy, that is but my opinion of course and obviously I may be mistaken.
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:wub: *Scratches head*

The most annoying thing about the deletion is my post actually made sense. The first post of Sturms did start the chain, and was a cheap joke, but... The Wehrmacht were the German army not the Nazi party. That would be like equating Skinheads with Neo-Nazis. In reality, skinheads arose in England to bovva the Bourgeois. My reference was pointing to the decadent 1930s Berlin as a means to highlight how the Sith are just stereo-typical fascists with their grand statues and monuments.

Of course there is the Haus Frau of the Berlin of the same period, but really look at the female Twyleks, and the many references to Spice and slavery. Look at Revan's Robe. Juhani's hair. As for Knee High Boots, every Jedi wears them!


So both my own posts and Sturms post although a little off topic in their execution were relevant to Starwars.... well mine was anyway.

End Rant. :huh:

Weired glitch with editing: Skinheads written above should have a CaPiTAl, but will not edit. :huh:

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Well, they could have rephrase one of Disciple's usual quotes. Trouble is quotes can be heavy with ambiguity or double meaning sometimes. Don't really mind some of those from Bao-Dur, as dialogue from him isn't exactly as suggestive as some others might be.

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G0-T0, definitely. I rarely use *any* droids as it is, with T3 only being used as a mobile workbench, and HK for the humor.


G0-T0 had nothing to offer whatsoever.


For the rest of the characters, once Jedi, any of them can be useful (though I've never made Bao-Dur a Jedi), and Canderous, Hanharr, and HK are useful at least as comic relief - it's fun to roll with a squad of bad-asses.


Anyway, after making my prestige class, I typically took along only Handmaiden or Mira - in the Dancer's outfit and nothing else - and sat them in the 'stationary' role so they could watch the master work. Plus they're hot.



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Murphy's Law of Computer Gaming: The listed minimum specifications written on the box by the publisher are not the minimum specifications of the game set by the developer.


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Too bad there was no self-destruct option for him. Someone should create a mod solely for the fun of blowing up G0-T0. And he can take out Disciple in the process.

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goto was actually pretty interesting b/c i went halfway through the game still thinking that he was some bald bearded fellow millions of miles away broadcasting messages through a droid. silly me. also the intensity of its uselessness and the ridiculously limited feats meant leveling it up was a no-brainer.


atton, imho, was pretty much useless for light-siders b/c mira did everything he could, only better (aka precise shots for free)

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Atton is a Scoundrel, and that means good AC, I usually keep him heavy armored and spend his ability points in Constitution and Strength, that makes him pretty tough. I'm not much into ranged weapons.


G0-T0 definitely doesn't put up much of a fight, he should have been much stronger than that, have better stats and abilities. He may be just an evil accountant droid but he certainly could afford better upgrades. It left me a little puzzled, I have to say, seeing Bao-Dur amazed at his technological might. I do enjoy his company, and like his attitude, he really deserved a better template.

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There was a poll once that deemed that G0-T0 was more useless on the Ebon Hawk than Sasha




Dawes ain't too bright. Hitting rock bottom is when you leave 2 tickets on the dash of your car, leave it unlocked hoping someone will steal them & when you come back, there are 4 tickets on your dashboard.
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There was a poll once that deemed that G0-T0 was more useless on the Ebon Hawk than Sasha
The game is too easy to judge party members by their strength, I could get by using Remote alone. At least G0-T0 gets me a lot of credits and has a good story, that bumbling little thief was so annoying I left her on Korriban to be used as target pratice by the Sith, it was the worst fate I could arrange for her though I would have much liked to feed her to Zaalbar after starving him for a week.
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1. Kreia (just rocks...i'm always playing a neutral character BTW)

2. Handmaiden (nice backstory, cool sparring matches, makes a wonderful jedi if you boost her stats right)

3. HK-47 (has loads of funny and useful stuff to say, very useful in combat with the custom blasters i made for him :teehee:)

4. Visas Marr (very loyal, very useful in combat)

5. T3-M4 (cute, and saves your butt a couple of times, repairing him rocks)

6. Atton (cool backstory, nice drinking buddy, not very useful in combat until you turn him into a jedi though)

7. Mira (acts too manly, but the lovly voice makes up for it... also makes a wonderful jedi sentinel)

8. Mandalore (cool, useful, not much else)

9. GO-TO (i don't hate him like most folks in here..i actually find him pretty amusing at times, he's not very useful in combat though)

10. Bao-Dur (i don't know about you, but everytime i hear him speak, i think he's having an orgasm :ermm:..otherwise he's a pretty good companion)

12. Hanharr (stupid bloodthirsty beast..still a better personality than zaalbarr though, very useful in combat)

13. Disciple (annoying voice, makes me fall asleep, the reason i will never play as a female again)

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