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  1. If you guys can wait for KOTOR 3, then surely you can wait for this mod. I have faith they'll finish it soon.
  2. Yeah, I haven't played it for a few months now. But I still have faith in Team Gizka, and will patiently wait until it is done.
  3. I would like which side of the force you choose to have greater consequences. Like in KOTOR, if you go darkside on Manaan and kill the great Firaxa shark, you were barred from going back to Manaan. Or like dark side powers cost more force points than light side powers. I would like the choices to effect the outcome of the game more. Kind of like a choose your own adventure book. And I would like the same thing to happen concerning companions. I would like for there to be an ability to choose some of your companions. Like the main character could meet key people on the different planets they visit, and there could be key conversation choices to get them to join your team. (And I would like to not be able to tell their alignment, like if they are friend or foe, light side or dark side) And I would also like for there to be consequences depending on the person you choose. For example, you have picked a certain person to be your companion and you receive a special mission: It is to secretly infiltrate a Sith stronghold, without detection. But there is a problem. Your new companion is secretly a Sith spy and could greatly endanger and hinder your mission. This is just an idea I thought of yesterday, and thought it sounded pretty good. Though this all may not be plausible.
  4. I play lightside 98% of the time and darkside the other 2%. I am just not comfortable playing darkside. I have a dark side game on KOTOR and TSL, but they both remain unfinished, because I do not enjoy playing those files. I might finish them someday.
  5. I think they are making excellent progress. Waiting is hard, but remember the saying: "Good things come to those who wait." I'm also looking forward to the restoration of the content that Team Gizka wasn't able to do by Team Exile. I think that was the group's name. Anyway here is their project thread at Lucas Forums: http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=181258 But it won't be playable till Team Gizka's mod is done.
  6. Basically, you have to trust him and be nice to him to gain influence.
  7. I would like to see more romance in these games. And also, I would like a bunch of different planets to go to, instead of having different branches of the same planet to go to. Planets I would like to see are Coruscant, Mon Calamar, Ithor, Duro, Alderran, Bothuwi(sp?), Ryloth, and Chandrila. I also would like to see a different ship other than the Ebon Hawk. I would like to either have some old characters as party members, or would like them to make cameos. (Particularly Atton or Mira, b/c they were cool) I would like to see more faces to choose from when creating a character. And I would like to have multiple bosses like in KOTOR 2, with the Sith lords. And I would like more backstory for the companions, and I would like to see more human/alien companions than droids. Truthfully, I rarely even used the droids. Except for T3-M4. He's a pretty handy little droid. Especially on GOTO's Yacht. I also think it would be interesting if the main character were a regular person unaware of their force powers, not one who was already a Jedi like Revan. Or the main character would already be a dark Jedi, and they could either turn to the light side or stay dark side. Or the main character could be a criminal, and the Jedi would have to break them out b/c they are key to saving the republic. Anyway, these are just some of my ideas.
  8. Kreia, hands down. Besides, she did end up trying to kill the main character at the end. A companion can't get any worse than that. Though Disciple is kinda annoying. :D
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