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  1. Thanks so much I finally did it. All I have to do is convert Bao-Dur now.
  2. It is still possible to convert Atton into a Jedi right? Just tell me the major things I have to do on Dantooine.
  3. Yea, I just realized that I missed all that about Atton on Nar Shaada because I already finished that piece of the plot. I guess I will just go to Dantooine. Could you tell me when and where I should have Atton in my party on Dantooine so I could have the most influence.
  4. Hi, I am trying to convert Atton to a Jedi but I can not seem to influence him. I already am past the Telos part and I am on the part where he I ask him about the why did he go with the sith or something but it keeps on saying failure. What are the best ways for me to influence him? Should I go to Onderon with him?
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