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    lol I love scifi, all except star trek and babylon 5 and Andromeda...n stuff.<br /><br />Firefly, stargate, Battlestar Galactica all rock on - they're great!!<br /><br />And Star wars is a big yay too.
  1. KotOR II wasn't finished either way, so it won't really make a difference in then end - the camera zooms up at the Unknown Regions and boom - credits.
  2. Oh god, no, please god, please... Give the rights to the people who wrote KotOR.
  3. I kept returning to Dantooine to see my statue too, but maybe it's in the Restoration project?
  4. I don't think it should be a MMORPG but that's just me, unless of course they release two different versions of the game sort of set in the same time frame yet with different things happening that lead up to the climax. That 'might' work. These are just rumours yet, so let's not go jumping to conclusions.
  5. I preffered Dantooine in KotOR I as well, but because the world was so well put together - with the Jedi Academy and the various sub missions lying about. The one with the corpse and the 'who dunnit?' scenario was quite funny I thought. I really wanted there to be a central Jedi acamedy to explore and train in KotOR II but there wasn't. Shame.
  6. I don't know of any cheats....but if you wants mods then go here. KotOR Mods
  7. And then what's next, huh? Some weirdo garbage from GL stating that Anakin is the descendant of Revan and whomever he/she shacked up with. BLASHEMY!
  8. lol why? they could simply be wearing the masks whilst in these robes.
  9. Well Revan has those bronze Star Forge robes in KotOR I, and in KotOR II it could be Kriea-like robes. I mean that's if they're LS.
  10. Perhaps. I write plotlines myself now and then. What I would advise you is that you do keep Revan and the Exile in the game. Killing them off is to cheap and also, you should be able to tell the game who Revan and the Exile were in terms of Gender / Alignment. You should also be able to select their faces. Those are top priorities. Furthermore, your should think about what happened to the party members of Revan and the Exile. Do the party members of the Exile form a new Jedi Council? What if the Exile is DS? I see that you start off as a Jedi on a refugee ship. It's good that you do have a lightsaber at the start. What I wonder, maybe you will explain it later but how did you stay undetected during say, the Shadow War. Why weren't you discovered by Darth Sion / Nihilus or Kreia? Hard task? No, it can all be done. And before you wonder if it is difficult to select a face for Revan and the Exile in game, consider that you were able to select the model and color of your lightsaber in Kotor II before you stab it in the stone on Coruscant. A face for Revan and the Exile is exactly the same, they are just game objects. lol well for Revan and the Exile - I see no reason why you should see their faces; Revan has his cool mask from the first game and the Exile stole Nihilus's after kicking the crap outta him, so they could cover themselves with them. As for my idea, it was only very basic for the beginning of KotOR III...I have no major ideas for the rest of the game, although I do think that Kriea's ghost should appear in it.
  11. If I died three years ago, then how could I have replied to you yesterday, and right now for that matter? Do you think I
  12. The shut up fatso or I'll dropkick you blah blah blah part was directed at Xard, and the you're stalking me part was directed at you, but all of it was a joke. Wasn't it clear enough, or do I always have to use this: all the time to indicate that I'm joking? No Awesomecake for you. *eats bit of Awesomecake*
  13. No, it wasn't really. Maybe mappalazarou is stalking me. But still....shut up fatso! Well now that's the last time I compliment you....
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