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  1. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Coleman_Trebor he was the poor green fellow who got shot off the platform in geonosis by Jango Fett when he tried to play hero and confront dooku solo.
  2. goto was actually pretty interesting b/c i went halfway through the game still thinking that he was some bald bearded fellow millions of miles away broadcasting messages through a droid. silly me. also the intensity of its uselessness and the ridiculously limited feats meant leveling it up was a no-brainer. atton, imho, was pretty much useless for light-siders b/c mira did everything he could, only better (aka precise shots for free)
  3. I chose master for the ridiculously high wisdom modifier I added to my def with battle precognition. with saber crystals, jal shey meditation gloves and belt, and a circlet of saresh, I attained 32 wisdom (at only lvl 9 master). still pretty weak as I haven't finished the game yet and am still looking for some better wis boosting saber upgrades.
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