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  1. I have the PC version, and it plays fine. Encountered no PC specific bugs (like crashing, mouse stuttering, and whatnot). I even have no problems with the hacking mini game (was difficult at first, but I'm a master at it now). Still, if others games you own tend to crash on your PC, I don't think getting AP for the PC would be a good idea until you fix your computer. Crashing can be caused by bad drivers or bad hardware. In very few cases will a malfunctioning graphic card cause crashes (it usually just freezes the screen or starts giving you artifacts that get progressively worse).
  2. Yeah, she sounds good without the fake accent. She also voiced Heather (and also a few other minor chars, I think) in Bloodlines.
  3. It may not be officially supported, but I'm 99%+ sure it'll work just fine. Win 7 is basically just an upgraded Vista. I've been using it since the early Beta, and I can tell you that if the game runs fine on Vista, it will run on 7 just as well (if not better). M$ were very careful this time around (after what happened with Vista). Compatibility was one of their top concerns (unsurprisingly), so that people who will be upgrading from Vista (or even XP, now that pretty much every app is compatible with Vista) won't have to go through the same nightmare as those who decided to move to Vist
  4. I would like to see a PC version preview. Hear that Sega, Oe? No? Fine, have it your way. This does sound good, though.
  5. Guess we're lucky you aren't a dev. Indeed. Maybe he should stick to FPS like Half Life, for example; there are only two short cutscenes (one at the end and one at the beginning).
  6. I don't care what anyone says, I'm buying both. It is true that story is not SC's strongest element (some interrogations and radio chatters are great though), but I love the gameplay and graphic. Chaos Theory still looks and plays better than most modern games. As for Double Agent, it was clearly behind CT but I still liked it. I'll be playing AP for dialog, story, and RPG elements; just like most everyone else.
  7. All of these things I could do without. In fact, I would much prefer if they weren't a part of the game. Can't they come up with some sensible feats like improved aim, more combat moves, quieter steps while sneaking, etc? Still, I guess if I don't want those supernatural feats, I don't have to pick them up, right?
  8. If this invisibility cloak has to exist (which I really don't like), you better provide a good explanation for it (The Stealth Boy in F3 was plausible enough). If it's just like there, it will seriously hinder my enjoyment of the game. I don't care that the game's not done completely in accordance to our world laws. I just want a game world that seems plausible... that feels like it could exist somewhere in the universe. If this cloak is just some magical feature that only Mike can use and nobody reacts to or mentions it, I will have a hard time immersing myself into the game world. It's j
  9. EVERYTHING (that I'm interested in) is coming out in October-November. Heh.
  10. Agreed. This game obviously can't even come close to the likes of SP - Conviction in terms of graphic and animation, so I believe OE should really focus on showing the things this game's good at. Show us how the customization of equipment is handled, how the interface works, and, for God sakes, show us some more dialog. These latest videos made the game look like some cheap shooter with some tiny RPG elements thrown in. I get more excited watching a random Mass Effect gunplay video than I do watching your E3 videp presentation. Just how I feel. I want to feel different but I just can't...
  11. I'm waiting for DLC to "fix" the ending before I finish this one. I've reached that point of the main quest (enclave part) where there is no turning back. The story is sort of forcing you to complete the main quest at this point. Knowing how it's all going to end (by rushing towards the ending), I've decided to stop playing for a while, despite the fact that I left quite a number of side quests left unfinished. It just doesn't make sense to go around doing other things when the tension between you, the BOS and the Enclave is so high.
  12. Now *that* was funny. Seriously though, I think the problem was that I heard so many people say how funny those reviews are that I was expecting something that would make me laugh for hours, and when I finally decided to check them out, I was disappointed. I've recently decided to give them another try, and they indeed can be funny; just not as much as I expected. I suppose people like to listen to him so much because of his unique speech. I don't think he would've been funny at all if he talked in a "normal" way.
  13. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I just stare at those videos, completely motionless. I just don't find anything funny on them.
  14. Got that right. Still, some of the best RPG's that I played were released in a bugged state (both Fallouts, Planescape, Vampire: Bloodlines, KOTOR 2...), so I'm not really worried. I guess you can't have it all.
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