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Ok. I'm a real beginner here, so be nice, but not too nice. I have to improve and such :D


So this is basically my younger version of Kreia. Eeeps, never posted anything I made on the net before so.






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Since my scanner is not here at the moment, I had to take a pic of my second version Twinsuns :D So the colors are a bit messed up, but as soon as I have my scanner back, I'm gonna scan em the good old fashioned way :D


I tried to make them look more evil, comments are very much welcomed.

Also, a feeble attempt at background... :)




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Okay, I experimented galore, so here goes Talia, it's a young version.


So actually it's princess Talia of Onderon, posing with her beloved vibroblade.

First time coloring.



Greeties and be critical folks!


EDIT: Ok, so attaching the file would be nice...Here goes :D



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Okay, I drew Mira, as a preparation for the Mira-Bao pic.

Since I don't have my scanner at momma's, I had to take a pic, which didn't really work with the entire lack of natural light at the moment.


As an added bonus you guys get to see a piece of my wardrobe :D

It's blurry, but if you look closely you should see Mira.

Monday I'll scan her :D


Here goes...


EDIT: Notice the shiny wood. :rolleyes:


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I got something new too, but I'm not really happy with the way it worked out.

I scanned the Mira pic from a few days ago. (Darn crappy camera :D)


Then it's followed with an unfinished version of Mira holding a blaster behind her back in order to spur one of her 'clients' on into paying her :D


Hope you like it :p





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Anyway, I drew a truely horrible Malak picture today. I mean god awful. So I had to make up for it somehow, else I would get a depressed. :(


So, I drew this...

Its Revan fighting Malak on the Starforge. I drew it while I was watching TV, so I wasn't really paying attention (sometimes thats a good thing...), so its a lot more cartooney than my usual stuff, but it was a lot of fun to do...

Hope you like,



PS: I don't know why dark lord's robes are always swirling around like that... They must have a wind blower under there somewhere. It must be in the dark lord catalog :p


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*takes a deep breathe*

*feeling rather nervous* :shifty:


Okay here is my proper fanart :">

Bastila, Carth, Male-Lightside-Revan


Bastila was the hardest to do. I had several tries before she turned out alright, in my previous attempt she turned out cross-eyed and another time her eyes looked kinda scary. Carth looks a bit young, but whenever I draw guys they tend to look a bit feminine *shrugs*.


If the Revan pic offends anyone I shall take it down :">




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I did a sketch this morning while reading my homework...

Its a bit more artsy than my other stuff.


Hope you like T3!post-5816-1116025707_thumb.jpg


EDIT: Hmmm... :ph34r: I realized this pic actually looks better as a tiny thumbnail...

Probably because its a really small drawing (2'' by 2").

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:rolleyes: Revan has lost his shirt again. 2 alternate Revans, a soldier/guardian and scoundrel/consular. :thumbsup:


Also here are the previous ones again, so they are grouped together.

They are 2 alternate Carths, 2 alternate Bastilas(can't seem to get her quite right), another Revan and Atton(who turned out more like a girl :"> )









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A good freind of mine was good enough to draw this for me which she is also a Kotor fan like me but shes a female Revan fan but any way she was good enough to draw my version of Revan and my favourite trio male Revan,Bastila and Carth together.now I know Bastila has a yellow lightsaber in kotor and all that but I asked my friend if she can draw my vesrion of Revan (whos in the middle) with a yellow lightsaber (because I like yellow lightsabers) with Bastila with a purple lightsaber because in star wars theres always either green or blue lightsabers and I thought I tell my good freind lets have a change of light sabers to make it different. I asked her if she could draw Revan and make his clothes like luke Skywalkers from Empire strikes back when he is on hoth and if Revan can have a brown jacket that you see when you are a male scout from kotor. I thought I show my fellow kotor fans how I vision my Revan because this is in my opinion how male Revan should offically look like,but of course Revan can look what ever the player imagines Revan how ever they like ;)


thanks to my freind for drawing this for me.she drew this for me.and I am greatful for what she did for me.


below Bastila Skywalker's version of male Revan (middle) from Kotor along with his lover Bastila Shan and good freind Carth Onasi. this takes from Lightside version of Revan from KOTOR.


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Made another one - this time a quick(ish) sketch of Juhani. Probably put it through Photoshop - ie colour it, add proper effects...sort out the anatomy and proportions...make it look more like Juhani...




Disclaimer - no gaurantee that the Russian is actually accurate. :- :-"




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