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If you could have added one feature to KOTOR2.....

What new feature would you have added if you were a designer of KOTOR2?  

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  1. 1. What new feature would you have added if you were a designer of KOTOR2?

    • Robe dyes
    • Force Absorb power
    • Bonus areas to each of the planets
    • Option of grabbing your lightsaber from Atris
    • Optional "torture" mode for darksiders
    • Whips & Chains
    • Mira, Visas Marr, and Brianna catfight over who claims the Exile
    • Allow Visas Marr and the Disciple wear the Dancer's Outfit
    • A "hot juma juice" mode..........
    • Other (please specificy)

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Note: By "new feature" I mean something not present in the game or any of the cut features. In otherwords, stuff that might be nice in hindsight.

Hoods or custimisable swoops.

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Disciple in the dancer outfit? HELP!!!




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Alternative ending for darksiders would have been nice.


You took the word right out of my mouth.


Even though the Darkside on both Kotor I & II are just you being a boring bully and thats it....no Dark Jedi would do that.


At least KOTOR2 had some better Darkside options. For example, on Dxun:


Kumus: Don't press that button! You'll set off the permacrete detonators.

Exile: [press button] What, this button?




And of course:


Exile: [Force Persuade] You will jump in the central pit.

Thugs: Argh...I can't resist....yes, jumping down central pit will get us to the ground faster.......




[Lie] The laigraks are dead.



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Voted lightsaber option, of course. That would have been the better time to get it, instead of running around like a decapitated chicken trying to construct your own lightsaber. And it seemed kind of absurd to have Atris keep your lightsaber and even show it to you but have no way of getting it back. :shifty: (mumbles) Friggin' ice queen.

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Disciple in the dancer outfit? HELP!!!



There was a hilarious comic about that here somewhere. :thumbsup:


About the poll-An absorbation power would be nice, but I voted for the"who gets the Exile" thing. :ninja:"

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This thread is a big "hey, f*** you!" to the humanity's intelligence.


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Catfight sounds good but "Hot Juma Juice" sounds even better... :ph34r:


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I would have liked to have gotten my lightsabre back when I defeated Atris, to show I was a jedi again.


Dare I ask what 'Whips and Chains' and 'hot juma juice mode' mean?

Whips and chains are.... Atris... handmaiden... dungon....

Equait Juma Juice to Coffee.

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No more corosis(sp?) weaves. It might change gameplay a bit, but they hopefully could have come up with better

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I want my lightsaber back. :p Atris has no right to keep it.

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All of the above and you could be able to kill kreia when you first met her just like with Juhani. Bastila would have been a party member as well as Jolee and Revan instead of Bao-dur, ho-to, and hannharr. And the game would've been much harder especially when fighting Nihilus no matter what level you were. I probably would have change the fighting so you could tell the difference between like in Jedi Academy. Yeah, and you be able to kill anyone and actually flew the Ebon Hawk and upgrade it and stuff. And maybe I'd made it so that you could choose the party members.

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