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Favourite Mini-Game

What is your favourite mini-game? (K1 and/or K2 variant)  

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  1. 1. What is your favourite mini-game? (K1 and/or K2 variant)

    • Swoop Racing
    • Pazaak
    • Turret Game
    • Taris/Telos Academy/Dxun Dueling
    • Logic/Maths questions in the game
    • Hate them all

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What's your favourite mini-game (if any) in KotOR?

Vote and post your reason!


I know the Dueling and Puzzles aren't technically mini-games but they aren't things that have much to do with the story anyway and so just like the official minigames they add some variety.


Anyway, I'd say Taris Dueling Arena. The K2 ones were more varied but Deadeye Duncan and the commentator were gold!


If you vote for one of those two options post which real mini-game you would've voted for - if you would've...


Pure Pazaak - The Stand-alone Multiplayer Pazaak Game (link to Obsidian board thread)

Pure Pazaak website (big thank you to fingolfin)

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As for the most enjoyable, with a good return for the time invested, I'm going to have to go with the duels ... For example, I usually kept Bendak's Blaster as one of Carth's blasters for the duration of the game.


The turret sequences in K1 got old quickly - leave a planet, ready to take a break and the next thing you hear is Carth announcing that we've got incoming fighters ... K2 was better, especially since you could bypass them completely if you wanted ... I did like that you could blow up all the containers on Peragus ... if only you got XP for killing them with the blaster turret.


I enjoyed the swoop races in K1, but K2 swoop races continue to frustrate me more than anything else ... plus, there was story-related dialog associated with the races in K1, along with generally meaningful side quests.


Pazaak is fun as a distraction, but it takes too long to play through all the required games to get to the ultimate goal ... the only time I'll regularly play pazaak is with the Rodian on Yavin Station.

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Pazaak was the only mini game I didn't make a point of avoiding. I liked the K2 Pazaak better than the K1 one, because of the added variety.


The only Kotor mod I've ever installed (waiting for the "restoration project") was the one that removed turret games from K1 :-"

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i liked the dueling :cool:


pazaak = annoying and not worth the rewards


swoop racing was better in KOTOR1, where you had a greater need for money. in KOTOR2 you don't really need to buy anything, so it just gives you less inclination to do the races (and the fact that making the races a lot harder is going to put some people off it)


the turret game in KOTOR1 was monotonous, and incredibly easy


the math games were alright, but not all that exciting

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Dueling: is that a Mini game??????!!!!!


I think dueling isn't a minigame. The minigames are where you change your normal control system like pazaak, turret game and swoop racing. With Dueling, you can control your own character.

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I won't go so far as to say mini-games should not be included at all--some games show remarkable ingenuity (I think it was Day of the Tentacle that included an arcade machine where you could play the full version of Maniac Mansion--who can turn down a classic two-fer?). But I've played games where they feel 'tacked on', and in that case the programmers probably should have spent their time developing more real content.


I generally dislike card games; puzzles are okay. The only arcade-type diversion I've spent any time on was swoop racing in K1--because I had to for a quest--and I was surprised to find it's become an enjoyable part of the whole. (Not to mention earning enough $ to do more than window-shop at Yavin). But as for K2 and most FF (et al), I usually ignore the mini-games, and resent being forced to participate in order to progress. I'm a patient and determined person--I'll beat the thing--but that frustration can make me lose track of why I was playing the game in the first place.

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I like Pazaak in KotOR II. I've got dufflover's nice game that I play regularily. :-

I also like the turret game in KotOr II just because you aren't forced to do it more than once. And I read not to use the mouse to move the turret but the right and left keys.



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So am I the only one that like the turret games? :-" Easy, but still enjoyable to me.



I didn't dislike them. I just thought they ranked lower down than both the dueling stuff and pazaak.

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Definitely Pazaak. Card games are fun on the computer, passing short periods of time while waiting for something or someone. I never play it in game, now that I have dufflover's windows version. :-

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Swoop Racing:

K1 - for credits only. I don't play for fun but not a dislike either.

K2 - it was busted (forfeit bug) so I'm not sure about the returns



K1 - Suvam for discounts only

K2 - did it all in first game but probably won't anymore



K1 - I use that mod which disables the random ones

K2 - not too sure. I only remember the first Peragus one.


If it had to be a vote for the "real" mini-games I wouldn't vote hate them all so I'd say... Swoop Racing - no cheating, fast to do with good returns.


Pure Pazaak - The Stand-alone Multiplayer Pazaak Game (link to Obsidian board thread)

Pure Pazaak website (big thank you to fingolfin)

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Pazaak is fun once in a while.


I only did swoop racing in K1, I haven't done the K2 ones. K1 ones only for the money.


Turret sequences were better in K2, only 1 required (which I let all the sith troopers in :lol:). The Onderon one was cool, as the ship feels like it's moving when you're manning the turrets.


K3 needs starfighter fights.

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