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What games are using the Eberron Setting?

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Dragonshard at least.

kirottu said:
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mostly it's just new. it is the result of a fan contest. high fantasy if i'm not mistaken, and a fresh world ready for exploration. i've not heard much about it from players, however.



comrade taks... just because.

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What's different about the Eberron setting?


I believe its a world where magic is so common that its not just saved for the elite. Consumer goods are made with it and various technology has emerged from it, such as a high speed train that rides a bolt of lightning. At least thats what I've heard. Theres also a playable race of sentient constructs.

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I don't usually like settings with easily accessible magic. On the other hand, a world so dominated by magic has its own novelty, I suppose. Could be interesting. I'll have to wait and see.

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I feel that if magic exists in a setting and is anywhere near as powerfull as it is in D&D it's only reasonable that it would be used for commercial interests. Especialy since as far as I know there is nothing stoping everyone and their cat learning magic in the system. So I feel that everyday magic only increases the suspension of disbelief in a setting where magic is powerfull and aquired through booklearning.


But I have no idea if Eberron is a good setting as I have never looked at it...

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Bland? Besides Ravenloft, it's a good setting to play, and read the books from. Full of memorable gods, people and places.


But on the downside it brought us Drizzt and his munchin bunch.  :)"



Yup, Bland.




Kinda dull.


Not very exciting.


Granted everyone has their own tastes... but I just don't see much about FR that stands out... granted it "is" better than Greyhawk though...

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Guest Fishboot

Yeah, sounds like a Sci-Fi dynamic stuffed into a fantasy bottle (re: Ebberon). I have faith that the ten-billionth Elf-Orc-Dwarf fantasy setting will still find a way to be soul crushingly banal, though!


FR was pretty fleshed out at least. You might be in a brutally generic post-Tolkein setting, but you could still find an interesting city-state to play in and an interesting god to worship.

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R.A. Salvadore did add a few things onto the Tolkien stuff. Drow, Duregar. but I'm still a dragonlance faithful. I like the larger peliferation of dragons.

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I actually bought the Ebberon sourcebook just because I thought the setting looked ineresting. I don't even play PnP. I seriously hope that somebody makes a party-based BG-style RPG set in Ebberon...it would be quite enjoyable, IMO.

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