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Chris Avellone at Gamespot.com!

The Guildmaster

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I think that you've more than made your point: you hate Chris Avallone.

I also think that you're trying to incite flame wars...but that *could* just be me...

And you wonder why the world has religious fundamentalists... :D


Anyway, the Gamespot interview was slightly predictable. The interview at NMA was way more fun reading.

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Mr. Avellone graces the pages of Gamespot in their feature-of-the-week "Everything is possible: Inside the Minds of Gaming's Master Storytellers"


Check it out!

Mr. Avellone is now a star...star...star...I wish I had a better attention span so I could read all of that but what does it matter I'm already thinking about something else now.

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Well ... that's interesting. I now know why I've played every game a couple of the writers have created, and NONE produced by one of the interviewees in particular.


But at least the article answered one question I had: why certain people haven't chosen publishing fields rather than video games for their talents. I'm not complaining, mind you. I love my games, and some of the stories that have been told are irreplaceable. But from what I've seen, book publishers are a pretty desperate--or a pretty sad--lot any more.


Maybe it also sort of explained why Jane Jensen's novelization of the GK series was an abomination. Sigh.


Keep writing, Mr. Avellone; and keep publishing for PC.

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Keep writing, Mr. Avellone; and keep publishing for PC.
Keep writing, but stick to IP's you create. You blasphemed Star Wars!!!! :lol:

You mean like the Planescape setting..? :cat:


Be careful with irony... It seldom goes through to the one you point it at...


BTW, I can understand why Star Wars fans are upset with MCA's writing. It is against nature to have a multilayered and ambigious story when it comes to Star Wars. Characters that aren't obvious clich

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