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  1. I couldn't have explained my opinion about this better Mr. Mopery I wonder why Morgan didn't confirm this on the boards here... (Too afraid of the forum users?) Anyway, my hopes for a complete KOTOR 2 lie in the Restoration Project
  2. Well you don't need to go straight just for one or another, what I was asking for in my posting above was if it would be possible to release frequent updates via audio (like you intended ) and perhaps only one text update per month which would summarize the done content so far. That's not a request however, just an idea ;D If that was your original intention anyway, then I apologize, you're doing amazing work and I can't wait for release of your project =)
  3. Nice idea, but personally I still prefer the old way cause I'm no native english speaker. Keeping the written WIPs beside the audio updates would be very pleasant for "foreigners" since reading is easier than listening for us ^^
  4. Jedi Masters, because of their background infos.
  5. Only the devs know the real truth... ~ Btw nice signature sotos
  6. I have one question about the HK Factory: will it also include HK-47's exclusive items (Droid Capacitator Armor, Droid Assassin's Rifle and Droid Assassinaton Module)? Cause I didn't found them in the normal game and I'm pretty sure that someone around here said they were supposed to be found in the Factory.
  7. The Leviathan type is my favourite xD
  8. The DS/LS Mastery of your party members is still bugged. It is simply gone once I reload a game. Alignment shifts of my companions when entering a new area was very common in my games as DS character (again especially DS Bao-Dur, but also with some other companions). That's usually solved by removing and then reselecting him/her. This doesn't work in certain areas as you might know, however. And even if they hit Mastery, the bonuses doesn't seem to stack, at least they are not shown on the character screen.
  9. Well you don't need permission from Obsidian to do this I think. Great work =)
  10. Not to mention the LS/DS Mastery bugs... @Topic: During next week I hope...
  11. The "High Quality movies" are too big for this patch and are going to be put into their own patch which should be up in just a day or two (everything's done, just need to build them). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Great =) But what about the high quality music? This did not show up in the Update Log of my version (same with the movies)
  12. The only thing I expect from the KOTOR3 engine for now is that they make the scale and object propotions more realistic (bigger) and use better textures.
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