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colour of light sabers

wat is your fav light saber color  

121 members have voted

  1. 1. wat is your fav light saber color

    • red
    • yellow
    • violet
    • bronze
    • silver
    • blue
    • orange
    • green

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you missed of cyan and viridian(sp?)

Another great idea by the people who brought you beer milkshakes!


"I don't see a problem...then again, SW isn't my life, so what do I know...." - some who makes 27.8 post per day on a SW forum!

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There are at least two polls like this one already...


and there will be a million more before the end of all things .. some people are afraid of the search function I think!

Yep. We have quite a few post-happy n00bs that love to make stupid (and really old) polls. :*

- When he is best, he is a little worse than a man, and when he is worst, he is little better than a beast.

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When playing LS, I just go with what color goes for what class: Visas, Atton and Mira get yellow, the handmaiden and Bao-dur get blue, Kreia gets green, and the exile gets silver if I can get it, otherwise it's green.


When playing DS, I strive to give everyone red, and give the silver crystal to Kreia because it works with her alignement.

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I have a question that I need answered and I think this is the perfect thread to pose it in:


Is Violet a LS Color, DS color, or a neutral color (can be used by any allignment)? I ask this because the only chronicaled Jedi to use a Violet lightsaber was ofcourse the biggest of all bad-asses Mace Windu. On the other hand, during KOTOR 1 in the cutscene that shows Bastilla strike down Darth Revan there is a Jedi with her using a Violet saber, and later on the Star Forge a Jedi comes up to you (she looks Asian) and talks to you, she has a Violet saber too. Some of the Sith that ambush you on various worlds Tatooine, Kashyyyk, etc cary Violet, but only like one or two, most use Red. Anyway, there is more evidence showing LS use rather than DS use. I guess it is neutral leaning to LS, but what do you think.

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youve probly fell on to something even though mace windu is a member of the jedi council he may not have had that great of a coneection with the ls allignent of the force he may only be there because yoda is on his way out in like 20 years and as there was in kotor sith with purple lightsabers they may not have the perfect allignment with ds i truly beleive you have fallen on to something with that great idea


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Yeah, Mace Windu carried a violet lightsaber, surprised me. They never developped his character in the movies either, and I never read the books so I know very little. Frankly I was hoping that he'd say something like "Feel the force motherfooka !!, "lightsaber whizzing and clashing" " :D


They should make a movie about the jedi badass Mace Windu, kinda like The shaft, but in Star wars >_<


In Kotor 1, my Revan character was always called Mace Windu.

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That's just silly.


Do you guys really think that there is a deeper meaning behind Mace Windu's saber? Sam Jackson wanted purple, and he got it, as simple as that. And saying that Mace Windu isn't properly in tune with the light side of the force is just idiotic. He's supposed to be one of the greatest Jedi at the time, not some substitute for Yoda. Besides, in twenty years' time, he'd be nearly dead himself. You don't get on the council if you're having second thoughts.


AND besides, "alignment" in terms of Star Wars is a game construction. You can't superimpose KOTOR terminology on movies, which are visions of an imagined "real" world.

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